For Type 2 Diabetics, There’s No Place like Home

As a Type 2 Diabetic who controls his blood sugars without medication, it’s tough to eat right when I am out of town and consume most of my meals in unfamiliar restaurants.

I recently spent 8 straight days on the road and you can see from the graph below that I struggled with my morning blood sugar measurements being higher than normal. (NOTE – The measurements in the red circle represent days that I spent out of town).

morning blood sugar out of town

And just to be complete – Sleep, exercise and other parts of my daily routine didn’t change when I travelled out of town so the only variable that affected my blood sugar measurements was my diet.

I always try to restrict my choices to stay within the Paleo diet guidelines but I just never know for certain what goes on back there in the kitchen when I’m in an unfamiliar restaurant. They may add sugar, oils from grains, high fructose corn syrup or dairy that isn’t explicitly outlined on the menu.

I have a nice list of restaurants in my local area where I’ve had meals that didn’t raise my blood sugar but that list was compiled after months of trial and error (something I don’t have the luxury of doing when I’m out of town).

It’s tough enough to find Paleo friendly meals in restaurants in your home town but it’s even more difficult when you enter unfamiliar surroundings and this latest trip proved that for me.


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Paleo Workouts Are Good For Blood Sugar Levels

As I’ve written about before, I have adopted the Paleo lifestyle and it has allowed this Type 2 Diabetic to live with normal blood sugar levels without medicine.

Part of this Paleo lifestyle involves exercising like our Paleolithic ancestors did – running fast for short time periods and lifting heavy stuff (preferably not on exercise equipment). So once I adopted this lifestyle I altered my workouts to move away from endurance type activities (long runs, 2 hour bike rides, etc.) and switched to weight training, interval training and other high intensity workouts. This new workout regime has worked well for me but due to work/life duties I rarely have the opportunity to participate in a really intense Paleo style workout so I was excited with the fact that this past weekend presented a chance to really push this mid 40’s body.

We had a large dead tree in our backyard and after contracting a professional to cut it down I requested they leave the main trunk so I could use a chain saw and axe to bust it up into firewood. What’s more Paleolithic than cutting up a tree to get firewood?

chopping wood

I spent 4 hours cutting the tree into smaller sections with a chainsaw and then using an axe, splitting the wood into smaller pieces suitable for a fireplace. I am not going to lie – Every muscle in my body ached after that activity and the following days will brutal as the muscle soreness sets in!

On the day I did this work I checked my blood sugar levels after dinner to see what effect that workout had. It should be noted that normal (non-diabetic) blood sugars 2 hours after a meal can be in the 100-130 mg/dL range and that is where mine normally fall but after that night’s meal – large salad (lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, egg, jalapenos, tomatoes, turkey, vinegar and oil) – my blood sugar measurement was 83!

If you think about it, high intensity workouts should benefit your blood sugar levels. After taxing your muscles, your body will have a desire to replenish the fuel in your muscles (glycogen) with any blood sugar it can find and this process of turning blood sugar into glycogen will drop your blood sugar measurements.

I plan to look for more opportunities like this to participate in high intensity Paleolithic workouts.


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Global Temperature Update – October 2014

From NPR:

“The debate over climate change in this country has dramatically shifted over the years. The question is no longer whether climate change exists, but rather what can be done to slow its effects? And the U.S. Department of Defense is asking the same question.”

“This past week, the Pentagon released a report saying that rising temperatures pose an immediate threat to national security, and it outlined a plan to the crisis.”

With all the very real threats in our world (ISIL, Russia, Iran, Ebola, etc.) it’s disturbing to know the Department of Defense (DoD) is burning precious resources to combat a myth pushed by the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult.

Sorry to disappoint NPR and the DoD but no, the question about whether manmade CO2 is causing global temperatures to increase has NOT been settled!

I think it’s time for another update on Earth’s global temperature anomalies and Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels.

For sure, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are continuing to increase as can be seen from this link.


Now let’s look at the global temperature anomalies from three [3] global temperature data sets – The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU), the Remote Sensing System (RSS) and the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

NOTE – The CRU data version 3 (HADCRUT3) that I’ve been using for years was abandoned by CRU in May of 2014 so I started using their latest data set (HADCRUT4) for data starting in January 2014.




As you can see from above, the Earth’s global temperature anomalies have been flat for the past 17+ years.

It gets even worse for the AGW cult when you plot these temperature anomalies against atmospheric CO2 levels (ppm).

hadcrut4 vs co2

rss vs co2

uah vs co2

Just how bad was the AGW prediction on global temperature rise due to atmospheric CO2s?

In 2007, the AGW cult predicted that if we continued to pump an additional 3 ppm of CO2 into the atmosphere every year (what we’re doing right now) then we’d see temperature increases of 0.2°C per decade. Doing the math, that equates to a temperature rise of 0.007°C for every ppm of atmospheric CO2.

Using the graphs above, we see that for the past 17+ years the actual temperature rise per CO2 ppm was 0.0017°C (for CRU), -0.0006°C (for RSS) and 0.0035°C (for UAH). So at best (using the UAH data) the AGW cult predictions were off by a factor of 2 but using the CRU data the predictions were off by a factor of 4. And the RSS data shows a negative correlation to CO2 (more CO2 causes temperatures to decrease) so the AGW cult predictions were totally wrong because the temperature anomalies DECREASED when atmospheric CO2 was increasing.

For those who think I’m “cherry picking” the 17 year time frame, you need to read this peer reviewed paper. It clearly states that we need at least 17 years to gauge the effects of man-made CO2 effects on global temperatures and that is exactly what I’m doing.

“Our results show that temperature records of at least 17 years in length are required for identifying human effects on global-mean tropospheric temperature.”

And we don’t have to look at just temperature anomalies to see how the AGW cult predictions are falling apart. Global sea ice extent graphs of the Arctic and Antarctic are either within the +/- 2 standard deviations of 1981-2010 or way above that level.

arctic sea ice extent

antarctic sea ice extent

The AGW cult predictions are laughable on so many levels but it is almost criminal for news organization like NPR and the Federal government agencies like the DoD to continue to perpetuate this lie from the AGW cult.

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NPR Reveals Obama’s Failures In Iraq

NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman discussed the ongoing US role in Afghanistan with Defense analyst Tom O’Hanlon and General Dubik and at the end of the report there was an interesting bit that slipped through the censors.

O’HANLON: No matter what we’re told about the combat mission ending, we better still expect a dozen or two fatalities in our troops in Afghanistan next year and probably several dozen wounded.

BOWMAN: Still, despite the danger, officials say those thousands of U.S. forces in Afghanistan can prevent a repeat of the failures in Iraq. All U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq in 2011. This summer, the Iraqi army crumbled, opening the door to forces with the group that calls itself the Islamic State – again, General Dubik.

DUBIK: We have to learn from our mistakes in Iraq where we focused too narrowly on the military dimension of security and not the governance dimension of security.

BOWMAN: Now a new Iraqi government is attempting to fix what led to the military’s collapse and rebuild those army units. Hundreds of U.S. military advisers are returning to help.

Sounds like the NPR Pentagon correspondent and a General are saying that Obama’s zeal to pull all troops out of Iraq before a stable local government security presence was established might have been a huge mistake.

But never fear, regular NPR listeners will impose their own filters and blame all this on Bush.

Think I’m joking?

Here was my tweet highlighting this NPR article:

And here was the predictable Leftist reply:

Leftists are very predictable. Nothing is Obama’s fault. All the bad things that have happened since 2009 are all the fault of Bush. According to the noise in their echo chamber Obama was the first POTUS in the history of the United States to be dealt such horrific problems that even he, the smartest guy in the room, couldn’t fix.

Either that or they like to pretend that Obama hasn’t been President of the United States for the past 5+ years.

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New Branch of AGW Cult Science

From NPR:

“Nowadays, when there’s a killer heat wave or serious drought somewhere, people wonder: Is this climate change at work? It’s a question scientists have struggled with for years. And now there’s a new field of research that’s providing some answers. It’s called “attribution science” — a set of principles that allow scientists to determine when it’s a change in climate that’s altering weather events … and when it isn’t.”

Isn’t that just precious?

The same group of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) cult scientists who can’t explain why global temperature anomalies have been flat for 18 years (even though atmospheric CO2 concentrations are continuing to increase) will now tell us, with 100% certainty, whether each weather event is the result of this magical CO2 molecule which comprises 0.04% of our atmosphere.

Just 1 day before this NPR story ran we see another story here where a climate scientist admits that the AGW cult models are deeply flawed since they didn’t predict the lack of warming for the past 18 years.

“You’re going back to a fundamental question of science that when you understand a system, you are able to predict its behavior. The fact that no one predicted what’s happened in the past 18 years indicates we have a long way to go to understand the climate system,” Christy replied.

“And that the way the predictions were wrong were all to one direction, which means the predictions or the science is biased in one direction, toward overcooking the atmosphere.”

The AGW cult doesn’t know how to fix their models to correctly hind cast the past 18 years of no warming but never mind, we should totally trust them to ascertain whether the recent drought, flood, hurricane or tornado was a result of atmospheric CO2.

And NPR reports this story with a straight face.

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Why AGW Cult Scientists Can’t Be Objective

I’ve thought about why the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult lie persists and written about it here but there is a great post by Joe Bastardi that does this topic far better justice.

Read it all but here are a couple of the main quotes:

“For instance, while I’ve read almost everything Dr. Mann has written, how many times has he had hands on experience in making a forecast that has to verify? It’s laughable to think, as a private sector meteorologist whose livelihood depends on being right, that one can separate climate from weather. I realized a long time ago that being able to recognize current patterns from understanding the past (it was drilled into me by my father, a degreed meteorologist) was essential to making a good forecast. The fact many climatologists downplay the relationship, or say they’re different, shows me they don’t know what they’re talking about. In other words, I do what they do, but they don’t do what I do. I read what they write, but they won’t stop to look at the other side.”

“Then there’s another big problem: What if you have all this knowledge, you’ve taken a stand on this, and it’s your whole life – how can you possibly be objective? The climate debate and past weather events are needed building blocks for my product. That product involves a challenge each day. In the case of a PhD on the AGW side, they believe the idea is the product. Destroy the idea, you destroy the product; destroy the product, you destroy the person. Therefore, it’s personal. Your whole life – all the fawning students, the rock star status – is all gone. I would hate to be in that position. Each day I get up, and there it is – the weather challenging me. The answer is the fruit of my labor, not the object of it. Because of that, you’ll look for anything to come up with the correct answer, not just a predetermined one where your self-esteem depends on it.”

AGW cult climate scientists aren’t interested in finding the truth through data or they’d take one look at the graph below and realize that CO2 isn’t a main driver in Earth’s climate over the past 17 years.

rss vs co2

AGW Cult climate scientists are driven by a socio-economical-political cause and they are only interested in reading and conversing on topics in their own echo chamber that support their beliefs.

This approach to science is actually antithesis to real science and these liars should never be taken seriously.

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The Changing Landscape For US Manufacturing

If you are one of those people who wish the US could return to the days when we had a strong manufacturing sector with millions of blue collar jobs then you are going to be disappointed.

As I’ve written about before, these manufacturing jobs are gone and will not be coming back in any appreciable amount. The days of making products that require an army of manual laborers is long gone and it’s not just the story in the US, all industrialized countries see a drop off of manufacturing labor as their economies become advance.

From my earlier post:

“The McKinsey Global Institute has released a study about the future of manufacturing and it is required reading for anyone in that industry as well as policy makers in developed countries.”


And this is to be expected for those of us who subscribe to the notion that the Free Market is the best method for providing the highest quality, lowest cost products that can be delivered in the quickest time.

You can’t say you are a Conservative who believes in the Free Market and then be upset when companies choose to manufacture low tech products in foreign countries that provide cheap labor.   This is the natural progression and a wise country will see this and shift their education to equip its citizens with skills to fill the next niche in the labor market.

From the McKinsey Global Institute study:

“Two key priorities for both governments and businesses are education and the development of skills. Companies have to build their R&D capabilities, as well as expertise in data analytics and product design. They will need qualified, computer-savvy factory workers and agile managers for complex global supply chains. In addition to supporting ongoing efforts to improve public education—particularly the teaching of math and analytical skills—policy makers must work with industry and educational institutions to ensure that skills learned in school fit the needs of employers.”

Unfortunately for us, we have been slow to understand this concept and we are now left with a labor force that is poorly educated and ill equipped to meet the needs of modern manufacturing in the US.

As I’ve written about before, highly technical, automated manufacturing is the future for the US and now NPR has a story that basically says the same thing.

The NPR story tells about how an old Kodak manufacturing plant has been retooled to use automated equipment and a highly skilled workforce to provide valuable products to the market.

Money quotes are here:

“That said, this picture is far from perfect. You look at this factory: making incredible things with machines both old and new, but there’s almost no one here. The factory has more than 16,000 square feet, but only 80 people work here.”

“You look at the folks that are on this floor right now working, they’re highly skilled, and what we want to do is make the work more of a science versus an art.”

“Now, it’s less art, more science. And this is exactly the challenge today. Even when a place like Rochester seems to be figuring it out, this deeper problem remains. There are very few jobs for the blue-collar worker.

“It’s a conundrum Nabil Nasr thinks about every day. He’s the associate provost and director of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at the Rochester Institute of Technology.”

“Manufacturing today is not what it used to be. In the past, for example, Kodak used to make very sophisticated, high-precision lenses in a very primitive process that was very time-consuming,” Nasr says. “Today, we’re making very sophisticated computerized equipment that can make some of these lenses in a fraction of the time they used to spend in making those lenses before.”

“Where is the blue-collar worker today? What options are there for them?”

“This is a serious issue, and I think there are a lot of people left out of the manufacturing sector, and there are a lot of barriers,” Nasr says.

“There are high-paying openings, he says, but not everyone is qualified for them because they require expertise and education. “They really want to get these jobs but they aren’t able to because it would take them a long time to get there, and they’re not able or willing to actually spend that time to get there,” Nasr says.”

The Free Market is a harsh mistress for those countries and companies that fail to stay on top of the changing trends.

It is sad to see hard working people out of work because the Leftists in our government, who are beholden to the Labor Unions, have held on to the past and refused to recognize the brutal facts that have been hiding in plain sight for decades.

The low skilled labor of the 1960’s and 1970’s has been replaced with the high skilled manufacturing of the 21st century and if we had been able to recognize this 20 years ago we would have a skilled labor force ready to fill the needs of our current manufacturing practices.

Our lack of vision will be our undoing.

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My Advice For The USA Ryder Cup Team In 2016


Spend more time focused on teamwork.

Golf is an individual sport and rarely do the professionals get to participate in a team competition so it’s not surprising that these guys struggle when thrust into this foreign scenario. But I think the lack of teamwork on the US side was the reason we lost the Ryder Cup again.

Before I back this up with data, let’s talk about the three formats that are used in the Ryder Cup.


One golfer from each side pairs off and compete in match play competition. While the coach for each side stays in contact with all the players on the course keeping them up on the current situation so the player knows the stakes of his match, this part of the Ryder Cup isn’t much different than what the professionals do week in and week out on the PGA tour. Yea, it’s Match Play instead of Stroke Play but there are events on the Tour that follow this format so this isn’t outside the comfort zone of a PGA tour player. Not much teamwork involved here.


Each side has a two man team that competes against the other side’s two man team in match play competition and all four players play their own ball until they hole out. Each side takes the best score of the two and that is compared with the other side’s best score to determine who won the hole. It’s true that there is a little bit of team work involved here (For example – if your partner is safely on the green then you can be a little more aggressive with your approach shot, you can get assistance reading greens, etc.) but for the most part these guys are playing a game that isn’t much different than what they do every Thursday – Sunday on the PGA Tour. Again, not a ton of teamwork involved here other than pumping each other up or talking them down from the ledge (not to minimize this of course).


Like Fourball, each side has a two man team that competes against the other side’s two man team in match play competition but this time each side follows an alternate shot format (player A tees off, player B hits the 2nd shot and so on until they hole out). This format is way outside the comfort zone of the typical PGA professional because they rarely play this way except for a chosen 12 every two years in the Ryder Cup. This is the area where we stumbled in 2014 and that failure shows the lack of teamwork on our side.

Here are the Team USA results for the 2014 Ryder Cup (Win-Loss-Halved) and I think you can see what I’m talking about.


Fourball – 2-1-1

Foursomes – 0-3-1


Fourball – 2-1-1

Foursomes – 0-3-1


Singles – 4-5-3

Team USA lost 11-1/2 to 16-1/2 and if we would’ve split the W/L on the Foursomes (instead of losing 6 we would’ve won 3) the result would’ve been 14-1/2 to 13-1/2 and we would’ve won the Ryder Cup.

Amateur golfers play on teams in local tournaments all the time whether it’s Captains’ Choice/Scramble format or the multitude of variations on that concept (i.e. Modified Pinehurst, Dog Fight, modified Stableford, etc.). Most of the local club tournaments require partners and that is why even a lowly 14 handicapper like myself can watch this year’s Ryder Cup and easily determine the one area that our professionals need to improve on in 2016.

I’ve played in alternate shot formats and it is the most difficult for me to compete in. There is an immense amount of pressure knowing that the result of my next golf shot will be what my partner has to hit next.

All kinds of thoughts run through my mind.

Don’t shank it.

Don’t put it in the rough.

Don’t hit it fat and put the ball in the water.

Don’t leave this putt 4 feet short.

It is one of the most pressure packed formats for me because I have a strong desire to help my team mate out and I can easily let that pressure overwhelm me.

Not to mention the fact that team work is hyper critical in this format. You have to break the tendencies you’ve followed for most all of your golf life in which you hit your shots to play into your own strengths.  In an alternate shot format you must know your partner’s golf game and hit your shots to set them up to favor their strengths – not your own.

I’m sure the pros are no different than us lowly amateurs in that regard and that’s why I am suggesting that whoever coaches the team in 2016 put an extra emphasis on this aspect of the Ryder Cup.


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Did Obama Just Have A “Read My Lips” Moment?

We’re all familiar with this clip of George H W Bush in 1988:

It’s dangerous to make absolute statements like that in politics and it’s absolutely foolish for a Republican POTUS to make these bold statements when he had a Democrat controlled House and Senate to ‘work’ with for the next 4 years.

As we all know, in 1990 Bush had to compromise with the House and Senate and raise existing taxes. True, this compromise didn’t result in ‘new’ taxes but we all knew what Bush meant and the MSM had a field day with that 1988 clip. After that debacle, Bush didn’t have a chance in the 1992 Presidential election.

Fast forward to today – Did Obama just have his own “Read My Lips” moment?

From NPR:

“As your commander in chief, I will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in Iraq,” Obama said at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

Over the past few months Obama was faced with 3 choices in the ISIL situation:

1 – Do nothing. Let Iraq and Syria take care of it and use our armed forces to secure our borders to protect the homeland. (Full Disclosure – This is my choice)

2 – Put boots on the ground. Mobilize in Iraq and Syria and destroy these monsters.

3 – Play politics. The public sentiment was high that we needed to do something against ISIL after seeing two Americans beheaded so he chose to use air strikes to limit ISIL’s strength.

I hope you all know that Obama can’t afford a victory in Iraq because his worldview can’t stand for the notion that there are evil people in the world that can only be neutralized through force. Remember, this guy won the Nobel Peace Prize and thinks Islamic terrorists hate us because we have invaded their lands so if we just play nice with them then they’ll do the same with us.

Obama can’t order a ground campaign because the Leftist leaders who put Obama in power wouldn’t stand to have their guy follow the same path as George Bush (43) – The very guy who they maligned for his “Blood for Oil” campaigns.

So Obama chose the political route and he tried to appease his followers today by saying he will NEVERr commit troops on the ground in Iraq.


What if ISIL bombed a building in the US? What if ISIL committed vile acts of terrorism to the level of 9/11? What is ISIL gets hold of nuclear bomb material?

I pray that never happens but in this uncertain world we live in, none of the scenarios I list above is out of the realm of possibility.

If any of these dire situations play out I would have to think there would be a huge national outcry to commit ground troops in Iraq and Syria. Just like what happened after 9/11. What would Obama do then?

It takes a person who has a very simple view of the world to speak in such absolutes but sadly, Obama is just that type of person. GWH Bush made that mistake in 1988 and I hope, for the sake of the US, Obama just didn’t make the same mistake.

Read His Lips!

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A Bourbon A Day Helps Keep The Blood Sugars At Bay

If you follow this blog you know I have Type 2 Diabetes and I’ve reversed my diabetic symptoms through the adoption of a Paleo lifestyle but there has been a nagging question in my mind over the last few months about how much alcohol consumption relates to my blood sugar measurements.

I normally consume a moderate amount of alcohol (one bourbon or a couple of beers) after dinner and have found, on the days when I do not drink alcohol, my following morning blood sugar measurements were higher than normal.

There are plenty of medical studies that show moderate consumption of alcohol in the evening leads to lower blood sugar measurements in the morning (and throughout the day). The apparent chemical mechanism for this is the liver is so pre-occupied with metabolizing the alcohol that is ‘forgets’ to produce glucose and thereby drops our body’s blood sugar levels.

The science seems sound but I’ve never designed a controlled experiment to prove the causal relationship between alcohol and lower morning blood sugar measurements.

So I decided to put that theory to the test on my own body.

Here was the design of my experiment – For 2 weeks I’d intentionally build in two blocks of consecutive days where I would consume no alcohol and compare my morning blood sugar measurements to the days I would consume alcohol. My exercise and diet routine was not varied during this 2 week time frame so the only variable was alcohol consumption.

The graph below shows the results and note that I provided the morning blood sugar measurements for the week prior to this experiment to show that the data from days I drank alcohol were not outside the norm for what I normally measure in the morning.

no alcohol graph

You can see that the mornings following a no-alcohol day have blood sugar measurements that are significantly higher than the mornings following a day I consumed alcohol. So I can conclusively say that I was able to manipulate the output variable (morning blood sugar measurements) quite dramatically with alcohol consumption.

The standard deviation of both the control data (days I drank alcohol) and the test data (days I didn’t drink alcohol) were very similar – 4.82 mg/dL for the control and 4.88 mg/dL for the test but the averages differed by 25.3 mg/dL (87.9 mg/dL for the control and 113.2 mg/dL for the test).

Don’t get me wrong – I am by no means advocating type 2 diabetics become alcoholics! But what this data has proven to me is that moderate alcohol consumption does help improve morning blood sugar measurements for this type 2 diabetic.


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The Clueless Left On Foreign Policy

It’s good to look back a few years ago at the foreign policy predications of Leftists to see how competent they were.

Think Progress thought Obama had a good zinger in the 2012 presidential debates when he said this in reference to Romney’s statement that Russia was our number 1 geopolitical foe:

obama zinger

And remember in 2008 when Voxsplaining juice box kiddo Matt Yglesias said there was no way Russia would expand their aggression into Ukraine:

“The appeasement frame rests on the idea that it’s some kind of slippery slope from Russian bombers hitting Tblisi to attacks on Talinn, Kiev, Warsaw and who knows where else. But that’s to view international politics as some kind of purely abstract, logical affair where if Russia gets away with one thing there’s nothing to stop them from marching as far west as they please. In practice, the issue is whether there’s a slipper slope of capabilities and there clearly isn’t.”

And then this tweet in 2013:

But now we see this tweet from the super genius on 10-SEP-14:

And don’t forget what Salon editor Joan Walsh said in 2012:

“Obama’s best line came when he told Romney, “You seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s, just like the social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of the 1920s.” That wasn’t just a good zinger, it’s a great summary of what’s at stake in this election. I hope voters ignore the supposedly savvy horse race coverage of this crucial debate, and pay attention to Romney’s lack of core convictions on foreign policy or anything else.”

Romney was right about Russia and Obama and his lap dog bloggers were wrong. Dead wrong.

But you’ll never hear them admit it.

Leftists live in a unicorn and rainbow filled Utopia where evil people don’t exist anymore. They think people will think rationally and do what’s in the best interest of the world to keep peace. They think all the evil people learned from their mistakes after they watched the Berlin Wall come toppling down. They think all violence in the world would fade away if we just confiscated all the guns.

These Leftists are dangerously naïve and in a sane world they would be relegated to a corner to be laugh at. But it’s no laughing matter now because many of them are getting elected and working in our state and federal governments. We are being led by simpletons who refuse to acknowledge the evil that exists in the world today.

The Left is just as clueless about foreign policy as they are about economics. If more people followed the news with an unbiased eye then there would be very few people in the US who would vote for them. Ever.

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The Obamanomics Recovery Rolls On

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued the jobs report for August and it was not pretty.

Only 142,000 jobs were added in August and the unemployment rate dropped slightly from 6.2% in July to 6.1%. The unemployment rate only shrank because the civilian labor force dropped by 64,000 people and the Labor Force Participation Rate dropped to 62.8% from 63.2% a year ago. While 142,000 people found jobs, 204,000 people were added to the civilian non-institutional population so job growth didn’t match the needs of the rising population.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – The Obamanomics “recovery” hasn’t come close to the type of recovery that was to be expected from a deep economic recession and month after month the BLS and GDP data back this up.

But enough about the facts, let’s see how an Obama loving economist, Justin Wolfers, spins the news.

He started out with a bold prediction:

Then he reports the dismal numbers:

Which is followed by his move to full shill mode:

Let’s blame noisy data:

Hey, it’s better than 5 years ago:

It could be worse, no really it’s not that bad!

This is no fun, let’s switch to bashing the Koch brothers:

Obama shills are going to shill and there is just no getting around it. In the mean time the US economy wastes another month of precious time and the promised ‘big recovery’ appears to have passed us by.

This pitiful ‘recovery’ should not be a surprise to anyone. What do you expect after 5-1/2 years of higher taxes, more government regulation, Obamacare, crony capitalism, increasing government debt, record government spending, exploding entitlement programs and increasing unrest/turmoil across the globe?

We have 2-1/2 more years of this ‘recovery’ before America hopefully wakes up. I hope there is something left saving in 2017.

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France Is Waking Up, The US Is Going To Sleep

It took a while but after years of socialistic economic policies, many political and business leaders in France are having a change of heart based on this NPR report:

“ELEANOR BEARDSLEY: The major players of the French economy gathered this week outside Paris for the annual meeting of the country’s principal business lobby – the MEDEF. From corporate CEOs to entrepreneurs, this crowd thinks it knows what’s ailing the French economy – too many regulations and taxes. But the main barrier to job creation, they say, is the rigid French labor code. Sixty-five-year-old Armand Carlier is the CEO of an aeronautical equipment maker.”

“ARMAND CARLIER: You just can’t get rid of anybody in the company nowadays without being sued in court and paying lots of indemnities. So you are very reluctant to contract and to hire new guys, which is totally absurd, you know.”

And French President Francois Holland is making changes in his cabinet too:

“BEARDSLEY: Hollande confirmed his tact to the right this week when he fired his left-leaning economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, for criticizing the government’s economic policies. Hollande replaced him with Emmanuel Macron, a young former investment banker and confirmed free-market capitalist.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls appears to resonate with this tact to the Right.

“BEARDSLEY: Speaking at the business forum, Prime Minister Manuel Valls says France has to break with old attitudes that are killing the country’s competitiveness and sapping its moral.”

“VALLS: (Through translator) Who says the left has to be against the corporate world? No, the employer does not have to be against the worker, and unions and bosses don’t have to be systematically opposed to each other.”

“BEARDSLEY: Valls called on France to support its businesses and make the economy stronger for everyone. He got a standing ovation. Jacque Chanut is head of the French Builders Association.”

“JACQUE CHANUT: (Through translator) To hear a Socialist leader to make such a pro-business speech is incredible. I think mentalities are finally changing. At last, there’s the possibility of real reform.”

Wow! I’m excited to hear a Western government making a shift to Free Market economic policies and I hope this rubs off on other Western countries like the United States.

It’s sad to say but I think the leaders of France are more pro business than the leaders of the US.

Before Obama took office, nobody, including me, would’ve ever said this. But the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate for the next decade shows what 5-1/2 years of Team Obama has brought on the US. From the Wall-Street Journal:

“The CBO revised downward its economic growth projections for 2014 to 1.5% from 3.1%, which was hardly a bombshell given that real gross domestic product has increased by only 1.05% so far this year.”

The US economy has typically rebounded in magnitudes equivalent to the previous recession (large recessions are followed by big recoveries) but that has not happened yet.

We’re still waiting for this and meanwhile taxes are being raised on the job creators.

Here’s the reason corporations are shipping jobs overseas.

“Tax receipts will rise smartly this year, climbing 8% over 2013 to $3.01 trillion, led by a 15% increase in corporate income tax revenue and 6% among individuals.”

Entitlement spending is going through the roof.

“The major budget driver now is Medicaid, which will surge by 15% on ObamaCare’s expansion of that program. The figure would be still higher had not 23 states opted out to protect the integrity of their own budgets.”

“Some 85 cents of every increased dollar of spending over the next 10 years will flow to entitlements, mainly health care. Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare will rise to 5.9% of GDP from 4.9% today. All other spending except for these programs, Social Security and interest on the debt will grow by 20% but fall to the lowest share of GDP since 1940. So everything else the government is supposed to do—defend the country, fund basic research, build roads and bridges, and even the basic social safety net like unemployment insurance—is being crowded out by these income transfers.”

Our national debt is growing at a faster pace.

“…the debt problem hasn’t gone away. The Obama spending binge and slow growth have brought debt held by the public to 74.4% of the economy this year, up from 72% last year and 35% as recently as 2007. The debt-to-GDP ratio will rise to 77.2% a decade out”

Pitiful GDP growth, higher taxes, rising entitlement spending and ballooning debts – These are the results of 5-1/2 years of Obama.

God help us because we have 2-1/2 more years of this.

If only our leaders were as economically intelligent as the French.

Man, I can’t believe I just typed that.

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Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Type 2 diabetics suffer from reduced insulin sensitivity which prevents the glucose in the bloodstream from being absorbed by the cells and converted to glycogen (energy). Insulin is the ‘key’ to unlock the cells and let the glucose in but when that doesn’t happen the person’s blood sugar levels become dangerously high.

I’ve written about in the past how I’ve adopted a Paleo lifestyle/diet to control my blood sugar levels (without medicine or insulin injections) to the point where my daily blood sugar measurements are indistinguishable from someone without Type 2 Diabetes. But over the past couple of months I’ve noticed that something odd had happened and now my blood sugar levels are at the low end of the normal range.

That had me to wondering if my insulin resistance had somehow reversed so I decided to try an experiment where I’d eat foods that should cause my blood sugar levels to increase beyond a normal range and determine (through blood sugar measurements) if my body had magically reset itself.

As a point of reference – During Thanksgiving of 2013 I decided to ‘cheat’ so I ate dressing and sweet potato casserole for both lunch and dinner and when I took my blood sugar measurement before bed it read 207 mg/dL which was way above the normal upper limit for someone without Diabetes (around 140 mg/dL).

But that example was only a couple of months after I began this journey and as I stated above, I think my insulin resistance has improved so I felt it was time to perform this experiment again.

On 08-AUG-14 my wife fixed chili with turkey meat and beans. Beans are a legume and a no-no for the Paleo diet but this seemed like a good time to start this experiment so I gobbled it up. My blood sugar measurement was 137 mg/dL two hours after eating a nice large bowl of that wonderful chili. That measurement was below the 140 mg/dL ‘normal’ upper limit but much higher than I normally see after a typical Paleo meal.

On 15-AUG-14 my wife and I had a date night at Tupelo Honey (a most excellent restaurant chain) and I had a mint julep (lots of sugar), one fried green tomato, pulled pork, greens, brussels sprouts and about 2 cups of fried okra. And let me tell you about that fried okra – It was like a little taste of heaven and definitely the best fried okra I’ve ever put in my mouth (all apologies to my mom and grandmother) but it was breaded (Paleo no-no) and no doubt fried in some soybean oil that is also a Paleo no-no. Even with all that ‘bad’ food I ate, two hours after eating that meal my blood sugar measurement was 128 mg/dL. Not too bad!

So far, so good and I decided to increase the ante on this little experiment!

On 22-AUG-14 I decided to frequent one of my long time favorite Japanese food hole-in-the-walls that I haven’t been to since I started this healthy lifestyle change. For lunch that day I had hibachi scallops, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and carrots. That doesn’t sound bad but those carrots (about 2 cups worth!) were cooked in butter and sugar. And to ‘top’ it off, I drizzled (more like poured) this pink looking stuff they call shrimp sauce (which is probably a mix between thousand island dressing, sugar and mayonnaise) all over everything. I swear, you can put that shrimp sauce on a dirty sock and it’d taste divine! Anyway, two hours after devouring that meal my blood sugar measurement was 196 mg/dL.

Not so good but there was an interesting side note to this phase of the experiment. I took my blood sugar measurement 4 hours after that meal and it was 76 mg/dL. Before I went on the Paleo diet, I’d see elevated blood sugar levels for up to 24 hours after a high carb/sugar meal but now my blood sugar levels came down to the low end of the normal range in just 4 hours after the meal.

OK, just one more phase of this experiment to go.

On 23-AUG-14 we had sweet potato fries baked in the oven as a side dish. Although sweet potatoes are considered acceptable on the Paleo diet, they were a food that definitely took my blood sugar over the top in the past so this was another good test of my insulin sensitivity. For the record, in addition to the sweet potato fries, I had sea bass, green beans and caramelized onions. Two hours after that meal my blood sugar measurement was 116 mg/dL. It looks like sweet potatoes are back on my food rotation!

To provide a graphical representation of the dramatic improvement I’ve seen over the past few months, here is a graph of my evening blood sugar measurements that are taken 2 hours after dinner.

evening blood sugar measurements

So what does all this mean?

If it weren’t for the high measurement after the Japanese meal, I’d say my insulin sensitivity has been fully reversed but I can’t discount that high reading. There is no mistaking the fact that my body’s insulin sensitivity is much better than it was before I started the Paleo diet but based on that high reading after a sugar-heavy meal, I still consider myself a Type 2 Diabetic.

You might be wondering something – If my insulin sensitivity issue eventually totally reverses (and based on what I’ve seen over the past year, I expect this to happen), will I go back to eating bread, grains, biscuits, grits, legumes and rice?

Hell no! Eating those foods for 40+ years is what got me into this mess so even if my insulin sensitivity does miraculously reset, I’ll never go back to eating those foods on a regular basis. It’s nice to know that my body’s insulin sensitivity has improved enough to eat high glycemic foods on rare occasions and this will help when I’m at a party where they serve foods that are normally not on my list of things to eat. But this will be the exception, not the rule.

I embraced this Paleo diet to control my Type 2 Diabetes but after almost a year of gradually adopting the Paleo lifestyle, I now see the benefits outside of blood sugar levels. I have more energy, I’m back down to the lowest weight I’ve ever been as an adult, my performance in sports has improved and I no longer have blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

The Paleo diet doesn’t just help Type 2 Diabetics reverse their insulin sensitivity, it can benefit anyone. Try it for 30 days and prove me wrong.


There is scientific evidence that the Paleo diet improves insulin sensitivity and you can read about some of them here and here.

A quote from one journal paper:

“In conclusion, we found marked improvement of glucose tolerance in IHD (Ischaemic heart disease) patients with increased blood glucose or diabetes after advice to follow a Palaeolithic diet compared with a healthy Western diet. The larger improvement of glucose tolerance in the Palaeolithic group was independent of energy intake and macronutrient composition, which suggest that avoiding Western foods is more important than counting calories, fat, carbohydrate or protein.”

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Tornado Intensity Index


Remember when teh AGW cult told us that increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere would cause stronger tornadoes in the US? Add this to the large heap of failed Global Warming predictions….

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood

Is the intensity of tornadoes increasing in the United States, (or, for that matter, falling)? It’s a perennial question.

NOAA gives us some clues, with their charts of EF-1+ and EF-3 to EF-5 tornadoes since 1954. (NOAA ignore EF-0’s, because many more of these weak tornadoes get to be reported nowadays than in the past because of Doppler radar, better reporting practices, increasing population etc – for the background on this, see here.)



[ The original Fujita grading system, using “F” numbers, was replaced in 2007 by the Enhanced Fujita scale, hence “EF” numbers. The new system was designed to ensure compatibility with the original Fujita scale- see here. All references to either Fujita or Enhanced Fujita should be regarded as interchangeable]

But these graphs tell us little about the distribution within the totals. For instance, could there be more EF-4’s relative to EF-3’s?

View original 359 more words

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Interval Training Works For Type 2 Diabetics

Interval Training is not just for professional athletes but is useful for the rest of us who are just interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

From NPR:

“Now, a study published in the journal Diabetologia finds that interval training may help the millions of people with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes who are trying to control their blood sugar.”

For those not familiar, Interval Training (IT) consists of shorter periods of exercise where you vary the intensity during the workout. Instead of running/walking at a steady pace for an hour, you alternate running fast, running/walking slow and even mix in some other periods of weight training (pushups, squats, etc.).

For the study referenced in the NPR article, the IT group exercised for an hour by repeating this interval set 10 times – walking slowly for 3 minutes then walking fast for 3 minutes. The other test group walked at a continuous pace for an hour and the control group didn’t exercise at all.

The study found that only the IT group lowered their blood sugar levels and the results were dramatic – 20% lower than the other test group and the control group!

I’ve been a runner for the past 16 years and I’ve always understood the benefits of cross training to improve my running performance but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes did I start monitoring the effects of IT exercise on my blood sugar levels.

I wrote a post in April 2014 where I performed a similar experiment with a sample size of 1 (me!) and found almost identical results to the study referenced above.

I introduced weight training to my normal running/cycling workouts and found that I decreased my blood sugar levels about 10% when compared to my normal exercise routine and I saw a decrease of 20% when compared to a time period when I didn’t exercise at all.

high intensity exercise

Since that time I have modified my workouts and follow this routine for about 45 minutes – Run/walk for about 2 miles, then alternate sets of weight training (bench press, curls, shoulders, triceps) and leg work (lunges and squats). I do this exercise about 3 times per week and mix in pushups, lunges and squats at home when I don’t have time to get to a gym or go for a run.

I also still ride my road bike for about 1-2 hours 1 day a week but even though this is not normally considered an IT workout, I live in an area that is very hilly so even a 2 hour bike ride simulates IT because of the higher intensity effort used to ride up hills followed by lower intensity periods coast down a hill or peddling in a rhythm on a stretch of flat roads.

For me, the IT type workout is mentally better for me as well. I’ve run a marathon and while I enjoyed the feeling I got after a nice long run, the act of plodding along for hours doing the same thing was taxing on my psyche and mixing things up during a shorter workout is much more enjoyable for me.

It makes sense, scientifically, why IT reduces blood sugar levels. The main fuel for our muscles is glycogen which comes from glucose so when we exert extra muscle effort the glycogen is depleted and the body seeks to replenish those fuel stores by converting glucose to glycogen. Make those muscles sore and you’ll see your blood sugar levels drop!

Start mixing in IT type workouts in your routine and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll start to like what you see in the mirror every morning too!

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Math Is Hard For Leftists – Part 1 Million

There is a post on the Leftist blog Crooks and Liars that gives new meaning to the website’s title.

The post provides charts that will supposedly show your “Right-Wing brother” just how wrong he is about his claims that Obama increased government spending and the deficit.

Here are the two charts I’d like to debunk:

crooks and liars 1

crooks and liars 2

Wow, it looks like Obama is a very austere POTUS and all these claims about increased government spending and deficits are just hogwash.

But the author performs a simple trick to make his case – He takes all the government spending in 2009 and attributes it to Bush.

It’s true, the Federal government spending in 2009 was set in 2008 but the author forgets about a little item in early 2009 that didn’t have anything to do with Bush – The 2009 Stimulus.

The 2009 Stimulus added $787 billion to the government outlays and that cannot be attributed to Bush but instead to Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress who passed it. (And as a sidebar, you can go here to see how the 2009 Stimulus was a colossal failure.)

I used the link provided in the Crooks and Liars post (here) to obtain the data for myself and here are the two graphs with the correct assignment for the 2009 spending.

us spending

us budget deficit

And these graphs look even worse when you take government spending and budget deficit and normalize them to GDP (from the link here):

us spending percent of gdp

budget deficit percent of gdp

So Obama and the Dems increased Federal Government spending from 20% of GDP to 24% of GDP and we’re supposed to be happy that it’s come down to 21% in 2013. This fact apparently makes Obama a very austere POTUS in the math challenged minds of the Left!

Crooks and Liars….Yep, that is a great name for that website.

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Why Do We Have A Skilled Labor Shortage?

college costs

There is a serious job skills crisis in America right now.

From NPR:

“It’s a problem of supply and demand: There is a massive construction boom right now but construction workers are few and far between.”

“Largely fueled by the energy industry, tens of billions of dollars of development is in the works along the Gulf Coast and in the Midwest. This year there is almost as much construction work in energy boom states like Wyoming as there was in 2008.”

“But back then, there were about 6 million Americans working in commercial construction. Now, there are only about 4.5 million.”

“With roughly 20 percent fewer skilled workers in the construction industry, trade apprenticeships for young people are helping to ease the shortage. But it may be too little, too late.”

“Ron Kaiser, the vice president of Mike’s Electric, says he sees this play out on a daily basis.”

“Usually there’s people waiting and willing to come to work,” Kaiser says. “I’ve been with the business since ’99, and it’s the worst I’ve seen.”

“Mike Glavin, a senior manager with the Associated Builders and Contractors, an industry trade association, says that after construction took a nosedive six years ago a lot of skilled workers left the business, and they haven’t come back. Many of the workers that did stay were older, and now they’re starting to think about retirement.”

“If you’re a very highly skilled welder you can pretty much write your own ticket,” Glavin says.”

“But he says this has contractors concerned about the future. “Five to 10 years from now … the folks that they have are going to be leaving the industry, and they don’t necessarily see a replacement for those folks.”

Mike Rowe (host of the show “Dirty Jobs”) weighs in on this crisis:

“There is a real disconnect in the way that we educate vis-a-vis the opportunities that are available. You have – right now – about 3 million jobs that can’t be filled,” he says, talking about openings in traditional trades ranging from construction to welding to plumbing. “Jobs that typically parents’ don’t sit down with their kids and say, ‘Look, if all goes well, this is what you are going to do.”

After I tweeted out the cartoon above I found out that I’m not the only one concerned about this after skilled labor crisis.

So how did this happen?

For sure, the push for a college education on too many people contributed to this.

As the Market is now showing us, there will always be a demand for skilled labor; be it electricians, welders, carpenters, crane operators or air conditioning repairmen. Over the past couple of decades we’ve seen college tuition rates skyrocket as the demand increased (more people wanted to go to college). Colleges had to raise costs to accommodate the increased student load but they could also raise prices because people were willing to pay for it. And now we see a whole generation of college graduates realize their bachelor’s degrees aren’t providing them the golden tickets that they were promised.

Many Millennials would’ve been better served with a 2-year technical degree or apprenticeship but they followed the herd to college and all they have to show for it is a six figure debt.

Don’t’ get me wrong. I’m a big fan of higher education and I had it drilled into my head that I was going to college and sure enough I did and the degrees I earned have contributed to my success. But college isn’t for everyone.

Those who were smart and decided to get the education that better suited their skill sets are now making huge salaries and can pretty much go wherever they want.

The Market rewards engineers, doctors and lawyers with high salaries because the training required to learn those skill sets is difficult and the pool of people who successfully make it through those education/training requirements is small. Likewise, learning how to be a welder, a plumber or a construction worker is also difficult and now that people have decided not to attempt training in these skilled labor fields, the pool of people qualified to do those jobs is very small and those jobs are delivering very high salaries.

The young people who were willing to put forth the effort to get trained in these skilled labor fields are reaping the benefits with higher than normal salaries and my hat goes off to them.

But there may be another element that is leading to this jobs skills crisis and that is Liberalism.

Leftists for the past 5 years have been preaching about income inequality, the need of the rich to pay their fair share and how wealthy people should share their wealth with the rest of us poor unfortunate souls. Government assistance is at an all time high level and the left is more interested in enabling people to stay on Government handouts than providing a business climate that incentivizes individuals to learn a skill and make a living in a rewarding profession.

Without the Government influence over the past 5 years, I feel that the Market would’ve corrected and provided the skilled labor that we need today. People would’ve been busy looking for work, going to a trade school and starting as an apprentice in a labor related job instead of sitting at home and waiting for their Unemployment benefits to be extended, their Obama phones and ‘free’ healthcare.

Liberalism creates an environment of victimhood with zero personal accountability and we are now seeing that play out in a very dangerous manner. A country that loses the ability to build things loses the ability to create, innovate and expand.

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Proof That US Warming Is Mann-Made (Part 2)


The AGW cult has tampered data to the point that it is criminal. There is a reason why only their data sets show warming but untampered satellite data show no warming for the past 17 years.

Originally posted on Real Science:

Yesterday I published this graph, showing almost perfect correlation between USHCN adjustments and NOAA atmospheric CO2 numbers.

ScreenHunter_1618 Aug. 03 09.45


I have long wondered why USHCN adjustments are increasing exponentially. They are now nearly 1.5F total.

ScreenHunter_1604 Aug. 03 06.00

According to USHCN V1 documentation, the adjustments were supposed to level off after 1990 at 0.5F. Instead of leveling off, they have sharply increased and are now almost three times as large as the USHCN V1 adjustments.

ScreenHunter_1605 Aug. 03 06.11ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif (650×502)

The USHCN V2 docs say that they use the same TOBS algorithm as V1, yet TOBS was supposed to go flat after 1990. How can the same algorithm produce dramatically different results in V2?

ScreenHunter_1607 Aug. 03 06.23ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_pg.gif (650×502)

Up until now the adjustments have made no sense, because they didn’t appear to correlate to anything in the real world. But now we can see that correlate almost perfectly with the amount of CO2 in atmosphere. Red below is…

View original 46 more words

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Obama Has Owned the Economy For the Past Two Years

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the Q2 GDP results and the US economy grew by 4%.

And of course Obama took the opportunity to claim ownership of this economy and state that this increase was because of his economic policies.

“So the decisions that we made — to rescue our economy, to rescue the auto industry, to rebuild the economy on a new foundation, to invest in research and infrastructure, education — all those things are starting to pay off.”

DO not be deceived, this isn’t the first time that Team Obama has claimed ‘ownership’ of the economy. Remember that back in February 2012 his chief economic advisor took credit for the January jobs numbers:

“Further evidence that the economy is continuing to heal from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression,” said a statement from Alan B. Krueger, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

“It is critical that we continue the economic policies that are helping us to dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the recession that began at the end of 2007,” Krueger wrote on the White House blog.

Team Obama drew the correlation between the good jobs data in January 2012 to their own economic policies so, by their own admission, Team Obama has been responsible for the economy since the start of 2012. Let’s look at the BEA data to see exactly what Obama has owned for the past 2 years.

The following graphs show the economy that Obama owns (shown by the red ovals):




Pretty dismal stuff. Obama owns the worst economic ‘recovery’ in US history.

But wait, Leftists like to claim that we came out of a horrible recession so we should give The One some credit!

Unfortunately for the Leftists who parrot this talking point, the GDP data of US recoveries from recessions during the 20th century debunk that argument.

Look what happened in the early 80’s when we came out of a similar deep recession:


Pro-business policies from Reagan produced a huge rebound from that deep recession. And this recovery was similar to other rebounds from recessions – the deeper the recession, the larger the rebound.

We have not seen the dramatic recovery for the past 2 years that 100+ years of economic data predicted would happen. Instead we have a pitiful 2% average GDP growth rate over the past two years.

Thanks Obamanomics!

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