Conservatives Should Remain Focused

As Conservatives across the nation are now entering the vetting process to determine our candidate for President in 2012 we must remain focused on the objectives. The 2012 elections are crucial for our country and this may be the last opportunity we have to get American turned in the right direction. The failures of Barack Obama are legion and have been outlined thoroughly here by Senator Paul Ryan and here by Peter Wehner. If we have any hope of reversing the damage done to this country over the past three years, we must take back the Executive branch and the Senate.

Starting in 2013, the goals of the new President and Congress should be centered on two main themes: increasing GDP and applying fiscally conservative tools to reduce our debt. Any arguments presented by the Left or the Main Stream Media that don’t affect those two themes should be treated as Strawman topics and dismissed out of hand. A Strawman argument is used by an opponent in an attempt to divert the conversation away from the primary subject and it is easy to fall prey to these arguments and burn valuable fuel in an attempt to debate them. When we are vetting our candidates for President someone might bring up topics like evolution and gay marriage. Neither of these topics impact the solutions to our current problems so they should be dismissed and tabled for another day. It will take the new President and Congress the full 4 years to undo the damage that has been done to this country so these Strawman issues only divert from the task at hand.

Do we really think that setting the Evolution debate or having our Federal government weigh in on gay marriage will solve our current economic problems? These issues are not trivial and need a national conversation and debate but at this point our Republic is hemorrhaging and debate on these issues only distract from the important work that needs to be done now.

The path to obtaining those two goals and restoring our country to a position of leadership are well known and numerous – repeal Obamacare, reduce the government regulation that stifles business, lower corporate tax rates, balance the budget and cut spending on entitlement programs such as Welfare, Medicare and Social Security. It can be argued that the mighty Roman Empire fell because it lost sight of its main problems and instead focused on sideline issues while the Empire crumbled. Remain focused on the goals and we’ll win big in 2012 and prevent the United States of America from becoming a history lesson for future failing Empires

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