The Radical Left No Longer Filter Their True Feelings

I have become accustomed to the non-stop Leftist screed on Facebook since Trump was elected and mostly I’m numb to it but a couple days ago I ran across a post from someone I graduated high school that made me stop and question what the hell is wrong with America.

facebook post making fun of retired vet

This person’s post was about her chatting with a man at the gym who was wearing an NRA hat and all she wanted to do was yank his hat off and run away with it. She joked that he wouldn’t be able to catch her because he was disabled. And later she revealed in the comments to the post that the guy, who had served in the military, was injured on the job as a police officer running after someone.

So this guy who served his country and protected us in two key occupations – military and police – is worthy of ridicule just because he was wearing an NRA hat.

I read Kurt Schlichter’s piece in Townhall this week entitled “They Don’t Hate The NRA. They Hate You” and this Facebook post sums that up nicely.

This person’s Facebook post (and the comments that followed) exhibits perfectly what is wrong with America. We are so triggered by symbols that the media tell us are evil (a baseball hat with the letters NRA on it) that we wish to demean the personhood of someone we don’t even know.

And to put the cherry on top of this Facebook post, here is the AVI used by the person who made this Facebook post.

fb post avi

If you’ve decided to stick with love instead of hate, why are you ridiculing a veteran and former police officer who was injured protecting you only because of a baseball hat he was wearing?

Maybe the radical Left truly hate us.

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3 Responses to The Radical Left No Longer Filter Their True Feelings

  1. tannngl says:

    The radical left have truly banned reason, truth, facts. It’s all about feelings. And they feel their hatred for good reason. Oops. No reason allowed.

  2. Wolf Homma says:

    Hi Cosmocon, don’t forget, we have a hater in chief sitting in the Oval Office. And people who behave like the lady in the FB post unfortunately exist on both sides of the divide. A colleague of my wife who taught at a Community College had to move because of death threats by the Young Republicans. Students have received death threats because some joker declared on-line to an audience of millions of gullible citizens that actors instead of real students spoke during the recent televised town hall meeting about gun violence.
    We should not focus on FB posts: We know who uses this medium to stir controversy and hatred. Russia has hundreds of “specialists” working 24/7 to spread misinformation and to divide the Nation. I have yet to hear outrage about this atrocious manipulation out of the mouth of our president. I remember that when the issue came up he was more concerned with Nordstrom dropping the clothing line of his daughter.
    Differences aside, Republicans and Democrats should unite in an effort to remove the clown from the White House. Maybe then we can have more rational discussions about the issues…

  3. livinrightinpgh says:

    One person’s opinion on FB shouldn’t be indicative of an entire group. Sadly, though, this type of post is VERY common in social media, and really does cut across both party lines. The process of creating division via identity politics, fake news, and feigned hysteria has reduced our society to such a sad place that someone makes a call for unity after referring to the President as the “Hater in Chief”. The hypocrisy runs deep.

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