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Standardized Tests Have Gone Too Far

Much has changed in the our education system since I attended high school in the mid 80’s and one of the biggest is the number of standardized tests students are required to take. From NPR: “High school students in the … Continue reading

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If My Son Were President

My 8 year old son had an assignment today to imagine he were the President of the United States.  It was a great assignment and he brought that work home for us to review and his writing made me realize … Continue reading

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No Education Required

  I don’t understand this but maybe, in some weird parallel universe, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) thought they could make it easier for people to get jobs.  Recently they issued an informal discussion letter that said companies can’t … Continue reading

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Education Is The Tide That Floats All Boats

Over the past two decades we have seen an economic paradigm shift where more of the lower paying manufacturing jobs in the US moved to countries like Mexico, China and India and this is exactly what the Free Market predicted … Continue reading

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