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Mystery Contaminant In My Pool

I love my pool and I take great pride in maintaining it but recently I’ve come across a contaminant that flummoxed me for days until I finally figured it out and when my wife heard the solution to this mystery, … Continue reading

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Strawberry and Cucumber Cross Pollination

I saw the strangest thing in my little garden today and hopefully someone can help explain how this happened! I went out to check on the garden and, in the section pictured below, I have cucumbers (in the red box) … Continue reading

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Babies Cry At Night But Not For The Reason You Think

(Alternate Headline – “All The Big Problems Have Been Solved”) As a parent of two children (12 year old daughter and 9 year old son) I can still remember the sleep deprived months after they were born when my wife … Continue reading

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Conflicting Theories

Sometimes two separate theories can, when analyzed individually, make perfect sense but when you try and reconcile these two theories with each other a contradiction occurs.  When that happens scientists must perform more analysis to show that either one theory … Continue reading

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Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Like you’ve never seen before….. Catch the last 20 minutes of the Apollo 11 moon landing with full audio of the air-to-ground and Flight Director loops and the video from the window of the LEM.  The site even has telemetry … Continue reading

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Are We Ready For Genome Mapping?

There was a report on NPR that showed how close we are coming to being able to have your genome mapped in the doctor’s office and the whole procedure will be similar to getting your cholesterol checked. This procedure is … Continue reading

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What If We All Drove Chevy Volts?

I wrote a previous post showing how purchasing a Chevy Volt to offset gasoline prices doesn’t make financial sense based on the current Volt purchase price and gas prices less than $7.00 per gallon.  I also stated that I am … Continue reading

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A Paradigm Shift In Space Exploration

  Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) recently launched their unmanned orbiting vehicle, Dragon, into space and is planning a rendezvous with the International Space Station in less than 24 hours.  If this mission is a success, the picture I have pasted … Continue reading

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People Aren’t Normal

There was a fascinating journal article published in Personnel Psychology (“The Best and the Rest: Revisiting the Norm of Normality of Individual Performance”) that showed personal performance across many industries didn’t fit a normal distribution (bell curve) but instead fit … Continue reading

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A Demonstration of the Scientific Process

For me, one of the most attractive aspects of science is the way theories become accepted.  It is a complicated process and sometimes takes years (if not decades) but the extremely difficult journey a theory takes on its way to … Continue reading

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This Is How Science Works

A recent discovery by a group of astrophysicist in Denmark confirmed Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.   This theory, which was presented by Einstein in 1916, basically states that Matter, Time and Space are independent but they also affect each other.  … Continue reading

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