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CO2 Reductions Due To COVID-19

A new peer reviewed paper in Nature states that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global CO2 emissions decreased by 17% by early April 2020 when compared with the mean 2019 levels.  Before I go any further, it must be understood that there … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Fear Mongerring

The world has gone nuts. The reaction from World Governments appear to be in total disregard to the actual data and I really am at loss for how to wrap my hands around this. For all the data I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Federal Government Shutdown Calculus

The latest federal government shutdown is not like ones in the past because the Republican in charge of the ‘negotiations’ is not like prior Republicans. Pelosi and Schumer think Trump is like other Republicans in that they are weakened by … Continue reading

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My Exit From The Twitter Outrage Mob

In March 2019 I will arrive at my 10thanniversary on Twitter and if I were a betting man I’d wager that I won’t be on this platform to see my 11thanniversary. I initially joined Twitter for the politics/news and I … Continue reading

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Trump Derangement Syndrome At NPR

  Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real affliction that has been claiming victims since November 2016 and NPR has been hit the worst. In a piece this week on opioid addiction (another affliction that is apparently more treatable than … Continue reading

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

As I’ve stated before, I didn’t vote for Trump in either the Republican primary in South Carolina or the General Election but shortly after he took office I figured out what he was doing and it seems to be working. … Continue reading

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A Reminder About Who Pays US Income Taxes

I’ve said many times after the November 2016 elections that the only thing I wanted in 2017 from Trump and the Republican majority in the House and Senate was significant tax cuts. I would prefer a radical change to our … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Is A Lunatic

In an NPR interview Nancy Pelosi demonstrated once again that she is either a pathological liar or a lunatic. I’m going with lunatic because I think she actually believes the crap that comes out of her mouth. Here is the … Continue reading

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An Economic Opportunity Missed

If you look at the US GDP growth since 1947, you’ll notice that the recovery magnitude always matched the recession magnitude except for the last one. I’ve annotated the graph to show the recessions and recoveries in like color ellipses … Continue reading

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Let’s See What Happens When Private Sector Folks Run the Government

All I’ve ever wanted for the past 15 years was a chance to see if our country would fair better if we replaced career politicians in the POTUS and heads of the Federal agencies with successful private sector folks and … Continue reading

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The Dishonesty Of The Left

The Left likes to talk about unity and coming together but only if they are the ones in power. Once things (i.e. elections) don’t go their way, this whole unity thing becomes overrated. Representative John Lewis is one of many … Continue reading

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US GDP Poised For Breakout

See the following graph for the US GDP % growth for the last 10 years: I’d say we have a good baseline of what an economy can do under intense government regulation and it’s nothing to write home about – … Continue reading

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Trump Makes The Left Crazy

According to my Facebook feed, I apparently graduated high school with several Left Wing radicals. I knew there were many of my high school friends who were left leaning because during the past 8 years they had glowing posts about … Continue reading

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Trump’s Master Plan

I think I know what Trump is up to. Full disclosure – I didn’t vote for Trump in the South Carolina primary because I didn’t think he could win in the general election. I also didn’t vote for Trump in … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment On The Orlando Terrorist Attack

Fact – The Orlando terrorist declared on a 911 call that he pledged allegiance to ISIS. Fact – ISIS claimed responsibility for the Orlando killings. But even with these facts, NPR is still not ready to link this violence with … Continue reading

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South Carolina Primary Predictions

  I hope Rubio wins but I think Trump has too many supporters here to close the gap. Here are my predictions: Trump – 29% Rubio – 24% Cruz – 20% Bush – 11% Kasich – 11% Carlson – 5% … Continue reading

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Free Market And The Price Of Oil

What in the heck is going on with the price of oil? The Economy Yes, the world economy is in the toilet right now so that has to be a big piece of this. But the world was going through … Continue reading

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Bending The Healthcare Cost Curve – Upwards

Remember how Democrats promised us that once we passed Obamacare that healthcare costs would start coming down? I knew that wouldn’t be the case and now even NPR has to admit that Obamacare’s promises are not being fulfilled. “Gunnar Ebbesson … Continue reading

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The Real South

South Carolina has been my home since 1999 and the past few weeks have made me very proud to be a resident of the Palmetto state and more importantly, a resident of the South. People who don’t live in the … Continue reading

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The Left’s Game Plan – Blame The Republicans

If SCOTUS rules that Obamacare subsidies are illegal in states that didn’t set up their own exchange then folks in over 30 states will find that their subsidies will vanish and their Insurance plans they obtained with these subsidies will … Continue reading

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