The Dishonesty Of The Left

The Left likes to talk about unity and coming together but only if they are the ones in power. Once things (i.e. elections) don’t go their way, this whole unity thing becomes overrated.

Representative John Lewis is one of many House Democrats that have announced they’ll boycott the peaceful transition of power (AKA the POTUS inauguration) but that doesn’t square with a tweet he sent a week before the Presidential election last year.

If you don’t like the President Elect Donald Trump then you have the right to peaceful protest and to even boycott the inauguration if you so desire. Hell, even I attended peaceful Tea Party protests in 2009 and 2010 to protest the Democratic leaders who I felt were taking our country in the wrong direction.

It’s our rights as citizens to do such things.

But when you are a member of Congress and you push for unity when you think the elections will go your way, you better expect to be called out on your hypocrisy later when you seek division because you didn’t like the results of the election.

Trump has yet to serve 1 day as POTUS so the jury is obviously still out on how he’ll lead this country but I can say one good thing about PEOTUS Trump, he is causing the Left to show their true colors and I think we are only just now getting a glimpse of it. The Left isn’t concerned about hiding their true colors any more and if they continue to do this, the next four eight years will be glorious.

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