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Obama Owns This Immigration Disaster

This latest immigration catastrophe is Obama’s fault. But don’t take my word for it, read the following excerpt from a news segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today when reporter Steve Inskeep interviewed Eric Olsen of the Woodrow Wilson Center and … Continue reading

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Seal The Southern Border Now

We have a serious moral dilemma going on right now at our southern border and if we don’t do something to fix the problem, the conundrums we will face in the near future will get much worse. We already had … Continue reading

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It’s Time For Immigration Reform

It appears that the Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on Immigration Reform and I support this long overdue legislation.  From CNN: Washington (CNN) – “Millions of undocumented immigrants would get immediate but provisional status to live and work in … Continue reading

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Obama The Dictator

On Friday, 15-JUN-12, President Obama bypassed Congress (and the Constitution) and decreed that 800,000 illegal immigrants can not only stay in the country legally but be given work permits. “(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – President Obama eased enforcement of immigration laws Friday, … Continue reading

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Amnesty That Makes Sense

Illegal immigration is the elephant in the room and a problem that is not going away in America.  While the problem is obvious, the solutions are not.  On the far Left we have a proposal to grant amnesty to all … Continue reading

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