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Bending The Healthcare Cost Curve – Upwards

Remember how Democrats promised us that once we passed Obamacare that healthcare costs would start coming down? I knew that wouldn’t be the case and now even NPR has to admit that Obamacare’s promises are not being fulfilled. “Gunnar Ebbesson … Continue reading

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Millennials Struggle With Obamacare

It appears that those pajama boys and Obamanation supporters, otherwise known as Millennials, are struggling to take advantage of the free goodies offered by Obamacare. From NPR: Young adults, who generally have little experience managing their own health care expenses, … Continue reading

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AGW Cult Attempts To Explain Away The Pause

The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult just loves tampering with data and this latest case surprised even me. They have been very upset over one little inconvenient truth – Even though we’ve been doing exactly what the AGW cult told … Continue reading

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NPR Ignores Wildfire Data

NPR ran a story this week on the amount of spending required to prevent wildfires and as you’d expect, they quickly succumbed to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult talking points. “Wildfires in the U.S. have gotten bigger, more frequent … Continue reading

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NPR Is Obsessed With Scott Walker

Don’t believe me? Check out this story about commodity prices and their link to mining equipment. Sounds pretty innocuous and ho hum – copper and iron ore are dropping in price and therefore mining companies don’t has as much incentive … Continue reading

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Snow Is A Thing Of The Past

NPR had a ground breaking story about whether snow was dangerous to eat or not (sarcasm) but the Leftist censors couldn’t allow a story about snow to end without giving the standard AGW cult talking points in the last paragraph: … Continue reading

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NPR’s New Found Interest In Gov Scott Walker

Scott Walker must be the current GOP front runner for 2016. How do I know this? Is it because of this Hotair article? “One of the major takeaways from the Des Moines Register poll of the GOP primary electorate that … Continue reading

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No, The Economy Isn’t Doing Great

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued its October Jobs Report last week and the Unemployment Rate ticked down to 5.8%. But don’t get too giddy. As NPR reports, the economic metrics that matter most to Americans are still awaiting … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Update – October 2014

From NPR: “The debate over climate change in this country has dramatically shifted over the years. The question is no longer whether climate change exists, but rather what can be done to slow its effects? And the U.S. Department of … Continue reading

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NPR Reveals Obama’s Failures In Iraq

NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman discussed the ongoing US role in Afghanistan with Defense analyst Tom O’Hanlon and General Dubik and at the end of the report there was an interesting bit that slipped through the censors. O’HANLON: No matter … Continue reading

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Obama Owns This Immigration Disaster

This latest immigration catastrophe is Obama’s fault. But don’t take my word for it, read the following excerpt from a news segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today when reporter Steve Inskeep interviewed Eric Olsen of the Woodrow Wilson Center and … Continue reading

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Obama Flushes More Money Down The AGW Cult Toilet

Settled Science still requires millions of dollars to keep the lie going. From NPR, NASA is set to launch a new satellite that will monitor CO2 emissions from Space: “NASA is preparing to launch a satellite capable of monitoring carbon … Continue reading

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Life Is Great In Socialist Cuba

There was a time when proclaiming to be a Socialist was like carrying a sign that said “Nobody should take me seriously” and people who did this were rightfully shamed. But now with the popularity of people like Elizabeth Warren … Continue reading

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It’s Never Obama’s Fault

The US Q1 GDP growth was – 1.0% and this marked the first time the GDP has hit negative territory since Q1 of 2011. But as NPR reports, we mustn’t blame Obama for this. It’s The Weather “The first-quarter downturn … Continue reading

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No Climate Change Link To California Drought

On my commute home last Friday I was listening to a story on NPR about the California drought/fires and because I listen to NPR every day, I knew what the story would morph into. Starting at the 1:54 point of … Continue reading

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Random Acts Of Journalism At NPR

For the past few days NPR has run 3 separate stories on Obamacare and all of them have clearly shown the wake of destruction that this massive takeover of healthcare has left. The first story was about a Cleveland, Ohio … Continue reading

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NPR Still Drinking The AGW Koolaid

NPR ran a story today detailing how the recent harsh winter has dealt a series of body blows to the infrastructure of many US cities and Chicago in particular. “This winter’s crazy, crazy busy,” says John Polishak, a foreman for … Continue reading

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NPR Editing Mistake?

I listen to NPR twice a day (don’t ask, I have my reasons) and today I caught this gem that you won’t find easily on NPR’s website but here is a link. Morning Edition host David Greene was talking to … Continue reading

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Is NPR Becoming Pro 2nd Amendment?

Not likely but sometimes the most interesting parts of an NPR story don’t make it to their web page version. There was an NPR story investigating how guns in Vermont are becoming a currency to be used to purchase illegal … Continue reading

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This Is Newsworthy To NPR

It’s either a slow news day or NPR is trying to push the Elizabeth Warren ‘class warfare, wealth redistribution, Income Inequality’ talking points. NPR just ran an honest to goodness story (it’s on their website and everything) that is about … Continue reading

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