Is NPR Becoming Pro 2nd Amendment?

Not likely but sometimes the most interesting parts of an NPR story don’t make it to their web page version.

There was an NPR story investigating how guns in Vermont are becoming a currency to be used to purchase illegal drugs.  The story is an interesting one to read but I was more interested in Taylor Dobbs’ introduction that can be found on the transcript:

“Vermont has a long history of hunting and other shooting sports and one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the nation. And there are no state level restrictions on gun ownership.”

Did you catch that?  Very little gun control = lowest rates of violent crime in the nation.  Sounds like a statistic you’d hear from an pro 2nd Amendment conservative!  Is NPR changing their gun grabbing stance?  Not a chance.

You’ll notice from the web version of the story (here) that this introduction was scrubbed.

The State Run Media censors didn’t react quick enough to prevent the audio of that opening FACT getting aired, but they did have time to make sure this pro 2nd Amendment propaganda didn’t make it to their website.

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