Comment Policy and Tips

Keep it Classy!  The best way to engage in a debate is to approach it in a manner where both parties agree that the other has the best of intent.  Once that goes away, very little gets accomplished.

No off topic posts.  Keep the strawmen arguments for another site and stick to the subject at hand.

Cursing, Ad Hominem, Insults and other comments that are not adding to the discussion will be deleted.  This doesn’t mean that we can’t criticize public figures, especially those elected, since they open themselves up to these critiques when they choose to enter public life.  Elected officials should be vetted and critiqued because they work for us!

Help with HTML stuff:

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2 Responses to Comment Policy and Tips

  1. Lucy says:

    Would be interested in the delitas of how you managed to get great pictures with your telescope. I have the same scope, very happy with it but would like to move into picture taking so I can share my cold nights results with others. What lens did you use, what camera, any software, etc.Thank you for your time and sharing the photos.George

  2. nonya business says:

    Can hardly wait to see the pictures of Disgust and Anger on everyone face today’ debacle.

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