Why Would You Vote For This Guy?

I was watching Obama’s campaign rally in Las Vegas tonight and I saw it opened up with the crowd chanting “Four more years!”  After seeing that, the first thought to enter my mind was “How in the hell could non-mentally-challenged adults chant that after the events of the last 24 hours (not to mention the past 3+ years)?

Allow me to hit the obvious points against voting for Obama and these are listed in no particular order.

Obama’s 2009 Stimulus failed at its basic objective to keep the official unemployment rate below 8% (it’s been over that rate for 42 consecutive months).

The Labor Force Participation rate is at a pitiful 63.7% which is the lowest level in 31 years.

Obama’s Keynesian economic policies have generated anemic GDP growth which is historically counter to expectations coming out of a deep recession.

The Chicago Teachers Union is on strike because they couldn’t accept a 16% raise over 4 years even though they are some of the highest paid teachers in the nation.  Obama has yet to comment on this issue that has caused the third largest city in the country to force 350,000 children to suffer even more under an already pitiful public education system.  Maybe it’s because the CTU is at odds with the Mayor who is Obama’s former Chief of Staff.

Obama showed how anti-business he is by stating that small businesses didn’t build their wealth on their own.

Obama’s only plan to address our debt problems is to raise taxes on the wealthy but anyone who has a 5th grade level competency in Math can show that this won’t work.

Obama has no plans to reform the Welfare programs that have expanded to the point where they have transitioned from a ‘safety net’ to an enabling program that keeps poverty rates pegged at about 11%.

Obama’s signature piece of Legislation, Obamacare, is already projected to cost more than advertised and is killing entrepreneurship, innovation, jobs and patients.  If the law is fully implemented starting in 2013-2014 timeframe we need look no further than Canada and England to see what evils await us.

Social Security is on a destructive path that will become unsustainable and Obama has offered no solutions.

Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate have not passed a federal budget since April 29, 2009.  Obama’s 2012 Budget received ZERO votes in both the House and Senate.

Under the first term of Obama, our national debt has increased by $5 trillion (more than all 8 years under Bush 43).  Our Debt to GDP ratio is now over 100% for the first time since WWII and we have Leftists to blame for this and specifically Obama.

Instead of bringing the country together, Obama chose to divide us and generate a fictitious income inequality meme that tells us that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.  This income inequality meme is not true and the wealthy are definitely paying their fair share when you look at actual IRS data.

And finally, over the past 48 hours we’ve seen how utterly incapable Obama is with regard to foreign policy.  The American embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked and four US citizens, including the US ambassador to Libya, were killed in one of these attacks.  The US Egyptian embassy tweeted their outrage at an American movie maker who produced a movie (that hardly anyone has seen) that angered Muslims and then deleted those tweets.  Obama showed his support for the fallen Americans by flying to Las Vegas for a campaign rally that I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post and after that rally, Obama compared his campaign staff to the Americans who were killed in Libya.  Earlier that day, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff found time in his busy schedule to contact a pastor in Florida in an attempt to convince him to give up his 1st amendment rights in publicizing the movie so he doesn’t upset our terrorist enemies.

After looking at all that has happened during Obama’s 1st term as US President, it is hard to understand how people in America want “4 more years” of this crap.  January 21st, 2013 can’t get here soon enough.

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3 Responses to Why Would You Vote For This Guy?

  1. Perhaps stop by my blog and read my most recent post. As a true INDEPENDENT, there are, unfortunately, only two choices. The lessor of the two evils yet again make it imperative that one person be chosen. I’ve explained why I’m going to choose four more years, if you’re truly interested.


    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks for stopping by to comment and I read your post. You might try clicking on the links above about Social Security and Welfare to see what will happen very soon if those programs are not altered. We can’t stay on this path and the choices we will have to make in all areas of government spending are going to require tough choices. But we have to make them or our country will turn into Greece.

      Over 90% of all federal income tax revenues go to pay for Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and Unemployment benefits.


      Again, I appreciate you sharing your views on your blog site and continue to ask questions and explore the issues deeply.

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