How Democrats Treat Their Unions

You might want to get a bowl of popcorn before you read this. 

The Chicago Teacher’s Union is in a bitter fight with the Mayor Rahm Emanual (former Obama Chief of Staff) and they are ready to walk off the job Monday.

“Twenty-five thousand Chicago teachers are planning to walk off the job Monday if they don’t have a contract by midnight Sunday. As the Democrats look to unions to help them get out the vote, a strike by Chicago teachers might just put a crimp in those plans.”

What exactly is the reason for the Teacher’s Union strike?

“In the contract battle between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union, the two sides are furiously campaigning for public opinion as the city braces for the first teacher strike since 1987.”

“Emanuel is pushing for big changes: a longer school day and year, a new system for evaluating teachers and a whole new way to pay teachers. At the Democratic National Convention last week, he defended many of his reforms.”

“For the first time in a decade, [students are] getting a very rigorous academic standard,” he said. “For the first time, we’re getting five new high schools all dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math. Six thousand more kids are going to magnet schools. We’re making major changes.”

I don’t say this often, but on the surface, I don’t have a problem with what Mr. Emanuel is proposing but in predictable fashion, the Teacher’s Union trots out their typical arguments that have only self serving motives for their union members and ignore the needs of the children. 

“They want smaller class sizes, more art and music, and job protection when the district shuts down low-performing schools and opens privately run charter schools, which are not typically unionized.”

Why should teachers be exempt from competition and the Free Market?  They want job protection when the students are performing so poorly that the district shuts down the school or when parents pull their kids out of underperforming schools and send them to privately run charter schools.  Who do they think they are?  General Motors?  The government can only rescue so many failing industries!

We should all take note of this conflict because it provides a glimpse into the consequences of following Leftist policies.  In a city/state that is one of the most Liberal in the US, we see what happens when the idealistic notions of Leftists run up against the harsh reality of Math.  Even Mr. Emanual has come to grips with the fact that there isn’t enough tax payer money to ensure inefficiencies in every industry. 

The Teacher’s Union aren’t going to win this battle because Mr. Emanual can’t be bothered with these mundane complaints since he is the Co-Chair of Obama’s reelection campaign and he is now more concerned with shaking down Liberal donors for Obama’s Super Pac.

“Now that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in charge of raising really big dollars for a superPAC that supports President Obama, wealthy Democrats all over the country may be eyeing their phones nervously.”

“Sources in Democratic fundraising circles tell NPR that Emanuel needs to reach out to the top echelon of liberal donors and persuade them to write checks — not for $1 million, but for $10 million to $20 million. They say that’s the only way to build a war chest for multimillion-dollar TV campaigns.”

“Emanuel is also soliciting for the two Democratic superPACs from Capitol Hill, House Majority PAC and, on the Senate side, Majority PAC.”

And here is the final bit of irony that should cause all Union members to realize they are just useful idiots of the Democratic Party.  Again, from the NPR article: 

“Steven Ashby, a labor professor at the University of Illinois, says a strike in Chicago could present problems for President Obama’s re-election.”

“He will win Illinois delegates in the November election, but nevertheless, the last thing he wants is the Republican Party talking about how teachers are on strike in Chicago,” West says.”

“It’s also a big gamble for the union. Ashby says the outcome in Chicago could affect the future of organized labor at a time when membership is down and public sector unions are struggling.”

If Unions can’t find a welcome ear to their ‘struggles’ from a Far Left Mayor of Chicago, then they are indeed lost.  To which I say – Good Riddance!  They have no one to blame but themselves. 

It’s sad enough that Chicago is quickly becoming the murder capital of the US, but now its children are being used as pawns by the Union to get job protection for their workers who should be fired.  I’m making light of the fact that Unions pledge unwavering support to Democrats only to find that they are the first on the chopping block when push comes to shove but I don’t want to make light of the sad situation our children face in public schools all across the United States.  It’s time for the Teacher’s Union to show accountability and be held to a higher standard.

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7 Responses to How Democrats Treat Their Unions

  1. Great points here. How can Rahm juggle his mayoral tasks–more than a full time job–with his new, big-time fundraising gig? School kids and victims of rampant street violence suffer for the sake of well-oiled machine politics.

    • cosmoscon says:

      As ironic as this situation is with Left on Left political violence, the sad part is the 350k kids who are now suffereing more than they normally do ithis pitiful public school system.

  2. I’m glad that Rahm’s facing down the unions the same way Christie and Walker did at the state level a few years back. Unions are killing the manufacturing sector, so how could we expect differently from education? My own take can be found here:

    Let’s just say that on this one rare occasion, I’m on Rahm Emanuel’s side.

    • cosmoscon says:

      This might be the one and only time I agree with Emanual as well! This is what makes it this a sticky wicket for the Left. The enemy of this union battle isn’t a usual suspect. He’s Obama’s right hand man!

      I checked out your blog post and great job. I’m following your blog now!

      • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Is there an email account I can contact you at? I’d love to have you write something for us if you’re willing. Cross-pollination is great for blogging imo.

  3. cosmoscon says:

    Dynamopolitics – I’m flattered and thanks for the offer to blog on your site but I will have to say no right now. I’m busy with family and work and barely have time to do this for my personal blog. But, if you see something on here you want to reblog, copy, repost, link to, etc. be my guest, no permission needed. This website is here for information and conversations and was not started as a business venture. I don’t make a dime on this website nor do I ever want to, just a hobby. But with the elections in November, I see blogging and social media as more of my civic duty.

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