Global Temperature and CO2 Update – September 2012

The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult is frustrated that they haven’t been able to convince enough people in the United States to believe their thesis that humans (with their lust for fossil fuels) are altering Earth’s climate and that if we don’t stop we’ll die from either rising oceans, drought, heat, snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes and ocean acidification.  They’ve tried Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change and now they think they’ve found the right verbiage to hook enough suckers to try their Kool-Aid.  This NPR article states that many AGW clerics want to frame the issue as a human health issue.

“That’s because emerging science shows that people respond more favorably to warnings about climate change when it’s portrayed as a health issue rather than as an environmental problem.”

“In the past few years, social scientists have been exploring this issue. Matthew Nisbet, an associate professor in the School of Communication at American University, and colleagues have found that people who are indifferent, or even hostile, to climate change are more receptive to the issue when it’s talked about as a health issue.”

“He thinks these findings could define common ground, on an issue that has become deeply politicized and polarized. “The idea of protecting people, the innocent especially, from harm, and caring for the innocent, is a value that’s widely held across the political spectrum,” he says.”

Well, good luck with that but for those people who are more interested in data instead of ginned up propaganda, here is my recent update on the Global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels.

Here is the graph of atmospheric CO2 measurements as gathered by the Mauna Loa observatory and you can see that the CO2 levels are continuing to increase.

Here are the plots of global temperature averages compiled by the Climate Research Unit and the University of Alabama Huntsville.

Let’s now look at these same temperature graphs but starting with 1998 and you can easily see that we are still in a period of flat temperature growth (I’ve added trend lines with the equation for extra emphasis).

Furthermore, if increasing atmospheric concentrations of CO2 cause increased global temperatures then we should see a linearly increasing line when we plot global temperature anomaly (delta from a baseline period) on the Y-axis and atmospheric CO2 concentration on the X-axis. You can see that something happened around the 370 ppm point to stop that trend and this points to some other variable(s) swamping out any warming caused by CO2.

You can choose to believe the emotionally charge rhetoric of the AGW cult or you can choose to believe the data.  Let’s hope the American people and those we elect continue to side with the data.

Addendum – I have many posts on Climate Change that can be found here and if you are interested in a deeper dive of the science then I suggest two posts here and here.

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