How Do Liberals Lie To Thee?

Let the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) count the ways

After taking another look at the costs associated with implementing Obamacare, the CBO determined that taxpayers will have to come up with an extra $820 billion over ten years to meet the new price tag of $1.76 trillion.  The Washington Examiner has a great post here.

Wow, who saw this coming?  Oh right, this guy

I think Gomer Pyle (from the Andy Griffith Show) has the perfect words for this news flash and sums up the Conservative reaction – “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!”

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8 Responses to How Do Liberals Lie To Thee?

  1. Dems have used the same tricks in California: passing a state budget based on ridiculously rosy revenue forecasts. Now we have a $3 billion+ shortfall that even Gomer Pyle could have see coming. The media are amiss to not call out this chicanery more often. Thank you for taking up that charge.

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