America Will Do The Right Thing

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There are 5 weeks until the Presidential Elections in the United States and if you believe the Leftist Media and the poorly sampled polls, Romney doesn’t have a chance but I have faith in the American people to do the right thing on November 6th.

“Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” – Winston Churchill

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who still support fiscal/economic Conservative principles and are upset with the Keynesian and class warfare tactics of Team Obama.  Americans are upset with the fact that since February 2009, the Unemployment Rate has been over 8.0% when Obama promised in 2009 that the $787 billion Stimulus would ensure we’d never go that high.  Americans will not accept the fact that Obama added over $5 trillion to our Federal debt in just 4 years in office, crossed the 100% Debt-to-GDP ratio for the 1st time since WWII and caused our credit to be downgraded multiple times.  Obama’s lack of fiscal leadership is evidenced by the fact that the US Senate (under Democratic leadership) has not passed a budget since the spring of 2009 and the President’s own budget this year received ZERO votes of approval in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who don’t want our nation’s healthcare system to turn into socialized medicine like they have in Europe.  Socialized medicine doesn’t work and we have cautionary tales from other countries who have instituted programs similar to Obamacare – wealthy citizens bribe doctors to move to the front of the line, long wait times, people are seeking surgical care outside of their own country,  20% of the hospitals are failing financially and healthcare is rationed in favor of those who can pay privately.  Americans know that even before Obamacare has been fully implemented, we have seen the cost estimates for the program have almost doubled, jobs are being lost and regulations are causing citizens to die due to delayed or denied treatment.

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who get upset when 4 citizens are murdered at an American embassy in Libya and Obama lied about what he knew, when he knew it and how he could’ve prevented it.

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who get upset that the President has remained silent as a filmmaker has been put in jail without bail because he made a movie that upset Islamic militants.  The First Amendment still means something to most Americans and there used to be a time when we’d be in the streets rioting because one of our elected officials started acting like a dictator.

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who believe the Free Market is the best way to increase wealth for all socioeconomic groups and ensure a true economic recovery following a severe recession like 2008/09.  There are enough people who despise Crony Capitalists like Obama and will gladly vote them out of office for trying to pick winners and losers by giving money to their large political donors (i.e. Solyndra, GM, etc.).

I still have faith that there are enough people in the US who understand math and want to tackle our real issues in an adult manner.  American citizens are upset with the fact that over 90% of all tax revenues go to fund social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment and Food Stamps.  Americans know that Social Security and Welfare are on unsustainable paths and must be addressed now to make them viable for future generations and prevent them from overtaking our Federal budget.  The only candidate who has been brave enough to talk about real solutions to these runaway entitlement programs has been Romney/Ryan and Obama is only concerned with demonizing those who wish to have adult conversations on these topics.

It’s real simple.  In November we will choose to either continue down the path of Greece or get back on the path that made this country great.  I know how I will vote and on November 7th I’ll have a clear conscience knowing I did all I could do to help provide a better future for my children.

Team Obama can rail on Romney all they like but they can’t escape the facts of the last 4 years.  Democratic leadership has put our country on a disastrous path and Team Obama has ZERO successes to campaign on during this election cycle.  Everything they’ve done to help the economy has been a disaster and Team Obama can’t blame Bush since they claimed ownership of the economy in February 2012 after a good jobs report.  You can’t claim credit for the good and blame others for the bad because that tactic stopped being credible for most of us somewhere around 3rd grade.  Leftists have nothing to run on so they focus on Romney’s dog, Romney’s tax returns, rape, abortions, Sandra Fluke and condoms.  Really, that’s all Team Obama has and their only hope is to find enough Americans who are stupid enough to believe that garbage.

I have faith in the American people and I know that in November Team Obama will fail and Team Romney will succeed.

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2 Responses to America Will Do The Right Thing

  1. Whew!
    Good post, Cosmo, but now I’m tired after going through the links.

    But, it was worth it. I especially liked “Is This How We Run a Country?”, and the “DRAWBACKS OF THE NHS” ones: Conservatives have only been screaming about this for 4 years now.
    Last night we got to see what the two different approaches really look like, up close and personal.

    Their guy is officially in trouble, and they know it.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Yea, I debated providing too many links and cluttering up the piece but someone might wonder on here and doubt my claim and I wanted to back it up.

      They knew they were in trouble but Romney threw them a curve ball. I think Mitt intentionally let them spread their lies about Romney and Ryan’s plans and he waited for 50+ million viewers to show Team Obama was just lying! It rattled Obama from the opening and was clear the emperor had no clothes on!

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