Let Them Come

One of my favorite movies, Kingdom of Heaven, depicts the story of the reluctant hero Balian of Ibelin, played by Orlando Bloom, as he defends Jerusalem between the 2nd and 3rd  Crusades against the attacking Muslim army led by Saladin.   After days of fending off the Muslim army, it is apparent one morning that the forces of Saladin will storm through the front gate and move into the city.  Most leaders would have chosen to retreat and fight another day but Balian gave a speech to rally his troops and his basic message was – “Let them come!”  His belief was such that the Muslim army could be destroyed on that day and the war would end so let them come and let’s get this over now.

His full quote is here:

“When this wall comes down… there will be no quarter. If you throw down your arms… your families will die. We can break this army here. So I say let them come! Let them come! Come on! Come on! Come on!!!”

That is sound advice and I feel the exact same way about Leftist in 2012.   Let them come!

Since the election of Obama and the blatant disregard of the Constitution by Team Pelosi/Reid, we have amassed a conservative army that is fed up with creeping socialism and the deleterious effects that Liberal dogma has had on our society.  I’m tired of fighting in skirmishes and now I’m ready for the final battle.  Let them come!

Conservatives have an opportunity in November to beat back the lies of the Left so they no longer have a welcome home in mainstream America and Liberal, cancerous ideals will be forced to reside in fringe college campuses and in the few remaining Union halls.  Let them come!

Let the President come with his class warfare rhetoric.

Let Sandra Fluke come with her birth control smokescreen.

Let the Liberals come with their war on moms.

Let the Leftists come with their war on dogs when we really know Obama actually ate a dog.

Let their economists come with their love and devotion to Keynesian government spending.

Let the Main Stream Media (MSM) come with their poor Obamanomics “recovery” data.

Let the MSM come with their race bating.

Let the Democrats come with their lies that more welfare spending (so called “entitlement” programs) will lower the poverty rate.

Let Obama come with his massive increase to the National Debt even though he railed on Bush for a much smaller deficit.

Let Obama’s economic advisors come with their “shovel ready jobs” or their failed stimulus.

Let Liberal Bloggers come with their failed predictions regarding the Keystone XL pipeline.

Let Liberals come with their typical tactics of lying, shifting and vile tweeting.

Let Lawmakers come with their crony capitalism kickbacks for failed Green initiatives like Solyndra and the Chevy Volt.

Let Obama come with his silence and lack of leadership regarding the Zimmerman trial which is only accelerating racial clashes during the summer.

Let Pelosi come with her lies regarding Obamacare.

Let MSNBC reporters come with their racist dog whistles.

Let the Anthropogenic Global Warming Cult scientists come with their false claims that man is causing the Earth to rapidly warm to dangerous levels.

Let government agencies come with their intimidation and over regulation.

Let Obama come with that “Blame Bush” nonsense when we all know that he owns the economy.

I could go on but you get the point.  Conservatives should not run from the Left or avoid confrontation this year but instead hope they bring everything they have against us.  We need every lie and sinister thought of the Left to come to the surface so we can expose them and debunk them.  We need all conservatives to be active on Twitter, Facebook, at work and at play to go to war for not only conservative principles but for the future of this country.  Liberals have nothing to offer to defend 3+ years of Liberal policies gone wild so they will resort to every trick they have kept hidden for the past few decades.  Let them come!

In case you missed it, we are in a war!  We can end this in November so I say let them come!

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2 Responses to Let Them Come

  1. jungleintherumble says:

    Hey. Enjoyed your article! But do you really think a republican administration/government would be different? Both parties are supported by lobbyists from pharmaceutical companies and financial companies. Both parties are adding to the debt in the short term with no long term plan. Both parties start and continue wars to continue to military industrial complex.

    • The Republicans have been much more responsible on budgetary matters. When Paul Ryan introduced a modest proposal to eventually trim back national debt and the entitlement state, he was pilloried for wanting to throw granma over a cliff in a wheelchair. Never mind that Obamacare cuts $500 billion from Medicare and eventually, necessarily, would lead to rationing.

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