The Sandra Fluke Smokescreen

Georgetown University’s position on the issue of birth control is not a well guarded secret and after spending 5 minutes on Google, I found this article which made the very clear point that Georgetown University does not delve into areas of pre-marital sex or birth control.   So I have to ask – If free birth control is so important to Sandra Fluke, why did she not read this before applying to Georgetown Law School?  A few quotes below from the Georgetown Independent link (emphasis mine):

Georgetown, as a Catholic institution, sits in a difficult position of needing both to protect the health of its students and to stay true to its Catholic identity. Many theories about the sexual activity of students abound, both on the Georgetown campus and on college campuses nation-wide. But two facts remains (sic) undeniably true — some students will have sex and some will get sexually transmitted infections.”

Although Georgetown officially prohibits itself from taking action in response to sexual issues, University administrators are allowed to talk about these topics. Health Education workers are allowed to advise students on sexual matters. In addition, the Student Primary Care Clinic tests for and treats both STIs and pregnancy, although it is not allowed to distribute contraceptives or perform abortions.”

The article also states there is a way students can obtain FREE condoms in residence halls through a student-led organization (emphasis mine):

“H*yas for Choice, an unofficial Georgetown student organization sees a need for “more information to be found out and widely known,” according to Board Member and spokesperson Kelsey Beckner, a government and English senior. Beckner has been active in H*yas for Choice since her sophomore year and a Board Member since last year. Although H*yas for Choice cannot receive funding from the University, ChoiceUSA, an organization that supports pro-choice college groups, provides financial assistance and practical advice. H*yas for Choice performs two functions at Georgetown; they promote awareness of abortion issues on campus and distribute free condoms in residence halls.”

So there you have a crystal clear statement of GU’s policy on birth control plus a method for a student to obtain free birth control (in the form of condoms).  Why is Ms. Fluke upset?  And more importantly, why is she surprised at the lack of Georgetown University provided birth control?

Of course this whole Sandra Fluke Kerfuffle is not about sex or birth control and there are two good posts here and here that speak to my take on this latest Leftist smokescreen.  It’s also obvious from this post that Ms. Fluke knew what she was doing and just wanted to pick a fight.

For me, this isn’t about sex, birth control or calling someone a ‘slut’ – It’s about the Obama administration assaulting the long held tradition of the separation of Church and State and I don’t think it will stop there. 

Because of the Obamacare mandate that requires companies provide insurance that covers birth control (“free” to the employee), this means the Federal Government can start requiring companies to provide other benefits that the Federal Government deems necessary – Free gym memberships, a treadmill in every home, Weight Watchers memberships, George Foreman grills, I can go on and on.  We know who will pay for all these free goodies – The companies (when they cover a portion of the new insurance premiums) and the employees (who will also see their insurance premiums go up). 

Just another example of our Federal government interfering with individual liberties – How’s that Hope and Change working out for you? 

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5 Responses to The Sandra Fluke Smokescreen

  1. hardrock45 says:

    Great post. I am hoping for change in November 2012, but the outlook isn’t promising.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment Hardrock. November is still a long way away. Once Republicans get a nominee then people will start lining up and focus on defeating Obama. Winning the Senate will also help undo the carnage that has taken place to American liberties over the past 3 years. It’ll be a long fight to show the casual American that the fiscally Conservative principles are best for all.

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