Time To Get Behind Romney

With the dust settling on the Republican Primary after Super Tuesday, it is becoming clearer that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee and those who want to defeat Barack Obama should start lining up in support of him.

The 2012 elections have immense implications for our country as we hope to turn back the tide of over regulation, Obamacare, massive debt and return the United States back to its founding principles of individual freedom and the Free Market.  We can only do this if Republicans/Conservatives: 1) maintain our majority in the House, 2) gain control of the Senate and 3) win the White house.  In this post I’ll focus on what we need to do to win the Executive office and why that means throwing our support behind Mitt Romney.  

Conservatives, like me, would have loved to see a strong conservative like a Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio or Rand Paul win the Republican presidential nomination but that didn’t happen so we are left with the wisdom of William F. Buckley in determining our candidate that will face Obama in November – We must pick the most conservative candidate who can win.

Remember What We Are Up Against In 2012 

For decades, Liberal policies have poisoned peoples’ thinking and it will take years to reverse it so let’s face it, the brainwashed people won’t be swayed in the coming months to reverse the Liberal propaganda to endorse a strong conservative candidate who speaks of fiscally conservative policies (cutting entitlements such as Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment and Social Security) while simulateously speaking of social issues such as gay marriage, birth control and calling women slutsOver the next 4 years we must demonstrate to America citizens that true fiscally conservative policies are better than liberal Keynesian policies before Americans will vote for true conservative candidates in future elections.

Most of the citizens in America are not political junkies who are in tune with the vagaries of current events and my wife is a prime example.  She is a very intelligent person (a degreed Civil Engineer) but she made a comment to me today that I think speaks to the millions of Americans who reside in the “middle” of the political spectrum.  She stated that Obama will win in November because 1) Unemployment is coming down and 2) Republicans are beating themselves up and looking stupid.  While I tried to counsel her on the real unemployment rate and the failures of the 2009 Stimulus, there is a lot of wisdom in her comments and they come from someone that will pull the Republican lever in November.

The Leftists will always pull the lever for the Democrats so we shouldn’t waste our time on them but those in the middle-left, middle and middle-right are the targets for 2012.  These people get their news from mostly Main Stream Media (MSM) and will form their opinions based on what they here on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC.  You will not hear fiscally conservative policies described in detail on these 30 minute newscasts so we have to come to grips that the voting public will need to connect with our Republican nominee if we have any hopes of them voting for him and winning the White House in 2012. 

I outlined a typical Facebook conversation I had with center-left friends in this post.   Read it and see if you think Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul or Rich Santorum has a chance of getting this demographic vote in November.

The Case for Romney

I stated my reasons for voting for Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary several months ago.  Romney has promised to roll back regulation (which includes repealing Obamacare), reign in union thugs, promote an energy policy that makes sense and exercise fiscal conservative responsibility (balancing the federal budget, capping government spending as a percentage of GDP and reforming entitlements). 

Recently, the Obama and Romney tax plans have been compared and you can see from this post that Obama plans to soak the rich (successful) while Romney plans to reduce tax rates for all those who are working and paying taxes (including the middle class).  This should resonate with those in the political middle who work and pay income taxes if we can get this message heard above the propaganda of the MSM.

Obama is scared of Romney and he tipped his hand last fall.  All throughout this primary fight, Obama’s team (led by the blame storming Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) have focused their attacks solely on Romney.  They know he is the biggest threat to their re-election and this is why they spend all of their energy on attacking only Romney.

With a Republican House and Senate to send bills to Romney’s desk, I have no doubt that he’ll sign them and we’ll get America back to its fiscally conservative principles and the Free Market will do what it does best – facilitate growth in the GDP and lower real unemployment.  It’s time to move from vetting our candidate to campaigning against Obama. Let’s go, it’s a war so arm yourselves.

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8 Responses to Time To Get Behind Romney

  1. Bob Mack says:

    I’d vote for a fireman’s dummy over Obama … but if the dummy’s not running, I’ll vote for anybody who is.
    Mildred (Peggy Maley): Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
    Johnny (Marlon Brando): Whadda you got?

    –The Wild One, 1953

  2. Not to mention Obama wished Romney luck. That slimy piece of work wouldn’t endorse Mitt unless it was a failed attempt at a Jedi mind trick. Problem for the O is he doesn’t have enough mitichlorians.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Paul, I’m not exactly sure what the theological beliefs of Ayn Rand have to do with this post or how they pertain to Paul Ryan. But you seem to be having a good time so carry on.

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