Another Cautionary Tale Regarding Obamacare

The United States is about to make a huge mistake that will have such far reaching consequences that it will take years, if not decades, to undo the damage.  In case you are wondering, the mistake has a name and it’s called Obamacare. 

I have written before that we have all the evidence we need to show us what a terrible mistake Obamacare will be and the information is hiding in plain sight.  First we see the massive problems that are evident in the UK’s National Health System and now we see another demonstration of the horrors of Socialized Healthcare from Canada.

In a post at The Montreal Gazette we learn that cardiologists are under investigation for accepting bribes from patients so they can bypass the queue and receive medical treatment sooner rather than later.  Here are a few excerpts from the Montreal Gazette article:

“Two Montreal cardiologists are facing disciplinary charges over allegations of medical kickbacks, the Montreal Gazette has learned.

“The Quebec College of Physicians has concluded a 14-month investigation after the Gazette reported doctors at several Montreal hospitals routinely accepted bribes from patients to fast-track services to publicly funded health care.

Patients told the Gazette they regularly give envelopes stuffed with cash for preferential treatment and for obstetricians to show up for deliveries.

Patients confessed to slipping $100 bills under the pillow before going into the operating room and making up to $10,000 in under-the-table payments at doctors’ offices.

Some complained of surgeons demanding nearly $1,000 for “administrative fees” while simultaneously billing the RAMQ, the health insurance board.

While top health officials initially called it a marginal affair and a rare situation at a few facilities, doctors and patients called it “an open secret.”

And don’t think this is an isolated case because when healthcare is ‘free’ the lines get longer and people who need critical care have to wait.  This is further evidenced by more of the Montreal Gazette article:

“Gaetan Barrette, president of the Federation des medecins specialists du Quebec, said his organization deplores the practice and will not come to the defence (sic) of specialists facing sanctions linked to under-the-table payments.

“It’s completely unacceptable,” Barrette said. “You know why there are only two names? Because patients don’t talk. Patients should not be silent.”

After the Gazette stories were published, the College pleaded with the public to volunteer information. College secretary Yves Robert said the practice would never be eradicated unless patients came forward with complaints and testimony.

But patients are reluctant to rat out their doctors on queue-jumping or extra payments for fear of losing both their physician and their gateway into the medical system.”

Why do we refuse to acknowledge these warning signs?  Moving to a Socialized Health Care System like Obamacare will only ensure that only the very rich, who can afford bribes, can receive the fastest and highest quality healthcare.  Is this really what we want?  Is this an improvement of what we have now?

There is no free lunch, especially with healthcare.


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11 Responses to Another Cautionary Tale Regarding Obamacare

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Obamacare was never supposed to be an improvement–that was a line for the suckers. What it was (and is) is a naked power grab by the socialists.

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