Obama’s Epic Fail Countdown

Sometime this month the Supreme Court of the United States will issue its verdict on whether the individual mandate is constitutional and what parts, if any, of Obamacare can remain intact.  It’s anyone’s guess how SCOTUS will rule but the general consensus is that, at a minimum, the individual mandate will be struck down and since that is the primary source of revenue for the rest of Obamacare then the rest should be scrapped.

Until we hear from SCOTUS, let me share a few links to whet your appetite on the upcoming epic fail that is Obamacare.

From Town Hall we see this informative flow chart developed by Avik Roy:

There are other links from my blog that describe the destruction that Obamacare is already causing and also giving us a glimpse of what is to come if this law isn’t repealed or struck down:

The Lies of Obamacare Exposed

Regulations are Literally Killing Us

Obamacare – Destroying Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A Messenger from the Future

Another Cautionary Tale Regarding Obamacare

Let’s face it – Obama pinned everything on this signature healthcare reform law.  He has done nothing with regard to the economy that he can campaign on in November so this is his flagship campaign issue and what his 1st Presidential term (and hopefully his only term) will be characterized by history.  The clock is ticking on SCOTUS striking down most, if not all, of this Legislation and we can grab popcorn and watch the Left implode during the next 5 months.

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