Wisconsin Union Still Upset and Clueless

From a recent NPR story, it appears the Wisconsin Union supporters are still upset about that smack down Governor Walker laid on them back in June.   

NPR’s Morning Edition is doing on the street reports from swing states and Monday’s installment happened in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where reporter David Greene spoke with a few Union supporters.  I’ll provide inline comments to quotes from this story below.

Just to my right was Paulette Feld, a university librarian in Oshkosh and president of the Wisconsin State Employees Union. Her big, welcoming smile seemed to be hiding something.

“Right now, I’m a little tired,” she says. “I think just because we’ve been through so many campaigns.”

Awww, she’s so tired because there have been so many campaigns.  Well listen idiot; you caused the last campaign with your stupid recall so you lost the right to complain about the number of election campaigns.  Your Union acted like a bunch of cry babies who didn’t get their way and wasted the time and money of an entire state for at least 1 full year.  Guess what?  Your actions have consequences.  Deal with it!

When Walker took away collective bargaining for state employees, this group said, they felt they lost most of their basic rights as workers.

Sorry, Collective bargaining is not a right and you can read about it here.  CB is also one of the worst forms of Crony Capitalism where the Union bosses fill the campaign coffers of politicians and in return the politicians rewards unions with sweetheart deals all at the expense of the taxpayers who don’t have a voice at the bargaining table.  That ill conceived and border-line illegal process is not a “right” for workers.   

They’re ready to keep fighting. But maybe just a little break?

“I mean, I didn’t plant my garden this summer until the middle of June,” Feld says. “I look at it now [and] I’m like, ‘This is really pitiful.’ And that’s the way the past year has been, so … feeling this way is kind of different for me. But I think it’ll happen, and I’ll get involved and I’ll do what I have to do, like I always do.”

In addition to being tired, she says it’s now harder for union members to get involved in campaigns.

“We don’t have all the options to get involved as we had before. We could get off of work and do a little bit of campaigning for people in the past. We can’t do that anymore,” she says, “so I think that’s going to make a big difference.”

Oh too bad.  Work is so hard that you can’t have a huge garden or get approved time off from work to do the bidding of your Union bosses.  Tell this sob story to someone in the private sector who is suffering from the flawed economic policies of Team Obama and see if you get any tears from them.

Across the table from me was Patti Clark-Stojke, a speech pathologist in the public schools. She was involved in the very first demonstrations against Walker.

“I think back to the irony of how freezing cold my feet got that day, and now thinking how that feels like our life has been for the last year and a half — everything has been frozen, everything is cold and miserable,” she says. “And to find happiness and joy in what we do … the things that we love to do in education and teaching children and helping them reach their potential — it’s hard to do when you’re frozen.”

Apparently, for Ms. Clark-Stojke, her job is “cold and miserable” because her union bosses can’t shake down tax payers for huge contracts any more.  I guess it’s not enough to get joy from being paid for doing a noble job where you get to educate the next generation of Americans but it appears your joy came from the cushy union contracts and benefits that those in the private sector can only dream about.  Nobody forced you to become a teacher and if you joined that profession for the Union benefits alone then I have no sympathy for you.  Again Union stooge, tell it to someone who cares.

Joan Kaeding, the fourth member of our group, works at the reference desk at the Oshkosh Public Library. She was proudly wearing her button that says “Ask me about eBooks!”

Well, one thing people have been asking about is health care policy.

“It’s a very complicated plan,” she says. “People don’t understand it, haven’t read it, including myself. Yes, I am at the library, I have access to it, but you can offer to print it out, you can offer to let them look at it — it is a really overwhelming document for people to understand and know what’s in there.

“So more education needs to be done by the administration and all of us about what’s in that plan.”

Are you kidding me?  From her comments she obviously thinks Obamacare is good for the country because she believes the reason people are against Obamacare is because Team Obama hasn’t done a good enough job selling it!  For the first two years of Obama’s term we couldn’t go a week without Obama, Pelosi or Reid talking about how Obamacare was a “must have” for America and they pimped it from coast to coast before ramming it through Congress before even the Speaker of the House admitted to not fully reading the bill. 

Ms. Kaeding works in a library and admits to not reading the Obamacare bill but yet she supports it.  Perhaps that is her problem because if she read the bill she would find out how Obamacare is already destroying businesses and she would see how the many lies of Obamacare are being revealed.   If she would use the library resources to read how similar socialized healthcare bills have failed in other countries (see here and here) then she’d know why we have to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The ultimate #Headdesk from these three ladies comes at the closing of the NPR story.

Now, the three women around the table with us at the New Moon Cafe said they will be voting for Obama in November. 

Just goes to show you that you can’t fix stupid.  Typical Wisconsin Union…..

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1 Response to Wisconsin Union Still Upset and Clueless

  1. Couldn’t agree more, partner.

    We aren’t going to change everyone’s thinking on this (the Liberal “hive mind” despises individual thought, after all), but a majority of the country STILL wants it gone, even after three years of Democrats pimping it to the nation.
    This monstrosity needs to be thrown into the fires of Mt. Doom, and that can only happen ….IF Romney & Ryan are elected.

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