Union Busting Wisconsin Style

The Governor Scott Walker Recall election is over and #Wiunion was dealt a resounding defeat that will diminish Union influence for years, if not decades, to come.  Like many, I called this beat down in early May when the party primaries concluded and revealed that Governor Walker received almost as many votes (in an uncontested primary) as all 5 of the Democratic candidates received in their highly popular primary.  Only those who are easily fooled, like those who belong to unions, didn’t see this coming.

Here’s a screencap of the results with 95% reporting from Ace of Spades HQ website (To Quote #Wiunion – This is what Democracy looks like!).

In case you haven’t followed this political war in Wisconsin over the past 2 years, Unions were upset when Walker and the Wisconsin state legislature ended collective bargaining with the state’s public sector unions.  Collective bargaining between state unions and politicians is wrong and the arguments are outlined well in this Washington Examiner piece:

“A law granting public-sector unions monopoly bargaining privileges gives a union, a special interest group, two bites at the apple. First, it uses its political clout to elect public officials. Then it negotiates with the very same officials.”

“Not only is there no right to collective bargaining in public employment, it is wrong. Collective bargaining distorts and corrupts democratic government.”

“Collective bargaining is a process for employer-employee relations that was (sic) designed for the private sector. This process served as the model for the development of public-sector collective bargaining without taking into account the fundamental differences between the two sectors.”

“Government is inherently a monopoly. If you don’t like a decision of government, you can’t check with the competition to see whether you can get a decision more to your liking. Business, on the other hand, is competitive. If you don’t like the cars being made by one manufacturer, you can check with another to see whether you can find one you like better.”

It’s obvious that there is a conflict of interest when Public Sector Unions influence who gets elected and then negotiate with these same politicians to gain sweet heart deal benefits that the tax payers can’t veto.  State governments are a monopoly and there is no other competitor for the taxpayers to patronize.  The politicians are playing with the tax payer dollars and giving it to the public sector unions who, in turn, contribute to their reelection campaigns.  It’s obvious that this is a conflict of interest and Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature was right in removing this process.

Unions have also come to the false realization that collective bargaining is a “right” but as this Heritage article states, they are very wrong and a Federal Court ruling backs that up.

“Similarly the freedom of association is a right shared by all Americans and protected by the First Amendment. In contrast, collective bargaining is a special power occasionally granted to some unions. In upholding North Carolina’s ban on government union collective bargaining, a federal court wrote in Atkins vs. City of Charlotte: “All citizens have the right to associate in groups to advocate their special interests to the government. It is something entirely different to grant any one interest group special status and access to the decision making process.”

“Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) budget bill in Wisconsin in no way infringes on any Americans’ right to associate and lobby government. What it does do is allow Wisconsin employees to choose not to join a union and keep their job at the same time. It also forces the government unions in Wisconsin to collect their own union dues instead of using the power of the state to withhold them directly from employee paychecks.”

This latest defeat of Unions shows just how out of touch they are with reality.

“Labor unions and collective bargaining are important tools. There are good reasons to form unions. But unions must be reasonable. If the customer is not happy with a union’s performance, or if the cost of doing business becomes too high — whether the customer is the state of Wisconsin or otherwise — then unions must make reasonable compromises.”

“Collective bargaining is, after all, about negotiation.”

“Half a century ago, when most members of unions worked in dangerous conditions for low pay in factories or mines, it was fair for labor to demand justice. It is still fair for unions representing the mistreated, such as those who work as hotel maids or clean offices, to demand justice.”

“But today’s government employees are not mistreated. For today’s government employees to occupy the Wisconsin statehouse and turn red in the face angrily shouting demands shows public-sector unions have become spoiled and out of touch. That needs to change.”

Fortunately, the adult thinkers in Wisconsin made the right decision tonight and sent a message to the rest of the country that out of control spending and pandering to outdated Unions must be stopped!

In conclusion, I’d like to share some of the tweets from #Wiunion supporters that I saw over the past week.  You can not only see how out of touch they are with reality but also see their desperation and ignorance of how this election would turn out.  Let this be a lesson to those who are weighing the benefits that Unions offer in this modern era.

@SpudLovr and @unkybunky were some of the more prolific #Wiunion supporters on twitter and although they blocked me months ago, go check out their timelines for some laughs.

Of course, this #Wiunion supporter ignores the millions of dollars that Unions all across America poured into Wisconsin to defeat Walker.  These dollars were wasted and will not be available for Obama’s campaign so this is another example of Union fail.

Like this will matter.  The only positive to this is the fact that drunken #Wiunion voters won’t get a DUI or kill anyone on their way home.

This guy is actually using the state of Illinois as his ‘gold standard’ for how a state is to be run.  Sad.

When I pay my tax dollars to my state I do care about how that money is spent and it is not ok with me if my state uses my money to offer sweetheart deals to public sector unions when I don’t have a seat at the negotiating table.

Nice energy Bill Clinton brought, huh?  At least Clinton had the guts to show up in Wisconsin and defend his base.  This can’t be said of Obama who kept himself far away from #Wiunion.   I wonder if union members in Wisconsin will remember this in November.

This person says that Governor Walker is “probably” a criminal.  This is typical of Leftists who are quick to judge without looking at the facts first.

Really?  This is how you finish a fight?  By getting your ass kicked?  Public Sector Unions did offer concessions early in Governor Walker’s term but they refused to give up their right to collective bargaining.

“Top leaders of two of Wisconsin’s largest public employee unions announced they are willing to accept the financial concessions called for in Walker’s plan, but will not accept the loss of collective bargaining rights.”

Sorry, but those are not concessions we can live with now.

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared” and I think Governor Walker held up to that pledge quite well!  Here is the Boy Scout Oath and Law and I think a few Leftists and Union members could benefit society by adhering to these values.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
to help other people at all times;
to keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Notice this Lincoln quote doesn’t mention the word “union” after labor.

This tweet comes from the Wisconsin Democratic Communications Director and it’s unclear if he is attempting to draw on a metaphor from David and Goliath or telling #Wiunion supporters to use these as weapons against Walker supporters.

This tweet represents the ultimate in #Wiunion denial and ignorance.

Yea, because who needs Balanced Budgets and Low Unemployment rates?  You Right Wingers take that crap to another state!

Obama’s coat tails aren’t what they used to be.  There is a reason Obama has steered clear of Wisconsin in an effort to give Barrett the highest probability of success that he can.  Plus Obama is looking out for himself and doesn’t want another defeat tacked onto his already growing resume of failure.

For two years the #Wiunion radicals whined and cried about having their goody baskets taken away from them and now the people of Wisconsin have spoken.  Unions are outdated and on the path to irrelevance and this election just proved that.  Let’s hope this Wisconsin election is the “canary in the cave” that signals the beginning of the end of Leftist policies in both State and Federal governments.

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7 Responses to Union Busting Wisconsin Style

  1. Ricardo X says:

    Why unions in government? That is a terrible conflict. Unions need to be in the crafts where they are good and ensure professional workmanship, not the bureaucracy.

  2. Thanks for sharing these gems. The Abraham Lincoln quote is too good. Nothing like mistaking the meaning of “labor” from it’s original context.

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