The Reality of Socialism

Last fall, when the Occupy kids moved out of their parents’ basements and into Zuccotti Park, there seemed to be a troubling groundswell of support amongst their filth to overthrow our current economic system, Capitalism, and replace it with Socialism.  To hear this heretical talk coming from our young adults would have been unheard of 20 years ago but we even had grown adults advocating the US embrace Socialism.  Do these idiots really know what they are asking for? 

I’ve written about the evils of Socialism as evidenced by stories from Cuba as well as the United States’ forays into socialism such as when we think the Government can control supply and demand better than the Free Market.    I’ve also written about the benefits of Capitalism and how, when you look throughout history, this is the fairest form of economic system we have.  But there are still those out there who think Socialism is the path for America and they need look no further than this recent NPR report from China to see the warnings that this fascist system delivers. 

Here are some quotes from the NPR article (emphasis mine).

“A deceptively simple question has become an obsession for Chinese artist Yang Weidong: “What do you need?”

“For the past four years, Yang has posed the question to more than 300 Chinese intellectuals, and the results illustrate a startling level of discontent among China’s thinkers.”

“As for the answer, one word pops up time and time again.”

I need freedom,” says writer Chang Ping.”

I need freedom of speech,” says economist Mao Yushi.”

I need freedom of expression,” says poet Ye Kuangzheng.”

Of China’s thinkers, more than 95 percent of those I interviewed need freedom, though they used different ways to express this,” says Yang.”

“We live in a ridiculous society,” says Yang, 46. “Now we Chinese people are pigs. At the most basic level, two people who are married don’t even have the right to have babies. You have to be allowed. You will eat whatever they feed you. They ask you to be happy, and you’re happy. They don’t let you think.

Socialism sounds pretty oppressive and the opposite of Freedom/Liberty so why would anyone advocate for this kind of system?  I can see someone advocating for Socialism if he is a dictator or in a leadership position of the ruling government because those people are usually very wealthy and play by different sets of rules than the ones imposed on ordinary citizens.  But why would those, who are obviously not in powerful government positions, push for Socialism?  It could be that they are too stupid to look outside their propaganda literature or question their college professors to see what Socialism looks like in the real world but I think it mainly comes from ignorance. 

I think many Leftists get enchanted with the idea of Socialism magically redistributing wealth and taking money from the evil 1% and giving it to the other 99%.  The Occupy movement is also keen on eliminating Crony Capitalism (which, by the way, is the ONLY point of Occupy that I agree with) so perhaps they believe that under Socialism the wealth will be better distributed and we can prevent the evil 1% from gaining more wealth through political influence.  Let’s see how that redistribution of wealth and elimination of crony capitalism are working in China – More from the NPR article:

“China is now a union of power and money,” says Wang Kang, the scholar. “Power is especially expressed in Beijing. Look at those advantaged groups: the princelings and the state-owned corporations. They’re all dazzlingly rich. A large part of China’s historical dividend has been swallowed by a small minority.”

What part of this is socialism?” Wang continues. “It’s never been socialist. It’s fake socialism. It’s the opposite of socialism.”

I need freedom myself. I can’t leave the country. My freedom of movement is restricted. I also need my freedom to create,” he says.”

Oh, it appears that under real world conditions, Socialism results in a concentration of power and money at the top and the vast majority of the population is poor and basically living like slaves.  Doesn’t this sound like the Occupy hyperbole definition of America under Capitalism?  If they really want to see what oppression and Fascism looks like then they need to do more research into countries that are embracing Socialism.

This is the truth that Occupy fails to see – Real world implementation of Socialism always devolves into Fascism that translates into very limited Freedom for its citizens.   Socialism sounds great in a college class room but fails when put into practice with real humans because we aren’t designed to behave like that.

Human DNA is hard wired for competition since, in the early development of our species, only those who triumphed over their competition won the right to breed and eat.  They passed their genes down to us and American Capitalism has tapped that energy source to become the wealthiest nation in the world. 

Humans are happier when we are allowed to excel, be creative and chart our own course.  We have an innate bent to freedom and individual expression that manifests itself in our desire to make our own way in the world and succeed.  We have desires to explore and innovate that have not only led to discovery of new worlds but developed products that improve our quality of life (like the device you are currently using to read this blog post as well as the medium it is being transmitted over – Internet). 

It’s obvious to even casual observers of the human race that we have a yearning for freedom and self expression but make no mistake about it; there is no room for that in Socialism.  You perform the job that the State tells you to perform, you produce only what they tell you to produce, you get paid what they want to pay you and you are not free to act on your own desires. 

Is this really what Occupy wants?  Is this really what America wants?  I think not.  Or rather, I *hope* not because that isn’t the economic system I want my children to live in.  Overwhelming the Social Security, Welfare and Healthcare systems, pushing income inequality (the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share, etc.) and raising taxes on corporations/individuals to support government handouts are all steps that we are taking not only toward Euro style socialism but full blown Socialism.    

That is why we fight now against Liberals and their useful idiots in the Occupy movement.  Remember that Socialism (and eventually Fascism) is based on ignorance and always comes from the LeftDo not let any form of Socialism put down roots but instead, pull it out of the ground, publically humiliate it and using facts, destroy its lies before they have time to spread.

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