The Obama/Bell Video – A Shot Across The Bow

According to Liberals in the Main Stream Media (MSM), like Soledad O’Brien, the latest Breitbart video that was shown on the Sean Hannity Show last night is a big nothing burger – nothing to see here, so move along.  Sorry to burst your bubble Ms. O’Brien but you don’t get to make these kinds of decisions anymore.  Conservatives are going to vet Obama and all candidates for office in 2012 and you don’t get to make the decisions about what is news worthy.

You can tell she is scared of what this video will eventually show regarding Obama’s radical past because she tries to mock the video and a Breitbart representative.  Don’t believe me?  Follow this link to see the CNN anchor (and most of her panel) act like middle school kids as they try to diminish the news worthiness of the video.  Pay attention as Ms. O’Brien’s panel tries to mock Editor-In-chief Joel Pollak and then switches the subject to the MSM’s favorite straw man argument – calling Conservatives racists.  Pitiful!

Is the Video a Big Deal?

The video by itself isn’t the whole story so you have to look at the entire body of work.  The irrefutable facts of the video are simple – We have Obama introducing Dr. Derrick Bell, telling the audience to “open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell” and then embracing him in a hug.  But now we need to find out what kind of person Dr. Bell is because imagine if a video surfaced showing Mitt Romney saying those same words about an openly racist figure (say David Duke) and then hugging him.  Call me crazy but I think CNN would be making a big deal out of that video. 

Who is Dr. Derrick Bell? has many stories on their site showing how Professor Derrick Bell was a radical racist and there is a great review from the Boston College Law Review showing the racists views the Critical Race Theory seeks to spread.  Here is Thomas Sowell on the Dennis Miller show giving us his assessment of Derrick Bell.  I’m sure more of these stories will be slowly released by various conservative news sites and we’ll get the full picture of how our sitting President embraced radical racial views and class warfare while in college.  Which won’t surprise conservatives but this type of information might be news to independent and politically middle of the road people.

But the video isn’t a knockout punch and I don’t think it was meant to serve that purpose.  In my opinion this video was meant as a shot across the bow or like an opening salvo in a war to save American Liberties.

#VetThePrez and #War

These are the hashtags on Twitter that have become synonymous with the election battle of 2012.  Conservatives are no longer staying on the defensive but are going on the offensive with regard to the MSM.  It’s been a long time coming and it’s not like we haven’t paid our dues on the defensive side of the football with Gardasil, Rick Perry’s painted rock, Bain Capital, Newt’s Ex-Wives and other assorted darlings of the MSM.  It’s time to pick up the ball and run with it.  The more Conservatives are on offense means the less time the MSM has to dig up trivial points and construct straw man arguments. 

Are you ready?  Do you wonder if this is a worthwhile tactic?  Are you skeptical if it will have any impact?  I’ll just show you a couple examples over the last 24 hours and you can be the judge.

Last night there were more fireworks as Fox News contributor Juan Williams got the message from Michelle Malkin that Leftists don’t get to tell us what subjects are news worthy and which are not.  Watch Mr. Williams’ reaction when Ms. Malkin lit into him at the end.

Watch two Leftist Congresswomen get nervous and refuse to answer questions about why they are inconsistent with their righteous indignation toward those who spew caustic insults at women – They were quick with the vitriol against Rush Limbaugh but strangely silent when Leftists like Bill Maher make equally detestable remarks about women.  These Leftists were being confronted opening in public and asked to explain their obvious double standards and they did not like it!

This is how Conservatives will fight and win the election battle in 2012.  Does this mean we stop reminding people about Obama’s complete failure as a leader over the past 3 years?  Of course it doesn’t.  We still must hammer Leftists on unemployment, over regulation, gas prices, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Solyndra and the union thug activity of the NLRB.

It’s going to be fun to watch the confused MSM learn they are no longer holding the ball and must instead try to prevent us from crossing the goal line. 

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  1. Comprehensive coverage. And nothing burger never tasted so good!

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