An Example Of Liberal Tactics

I saw a tweet from @ChicoDelainky that stated George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin, was a member of the Tea Party.  This is absurd and in reality George Zimmerman is a registered democrat as shown by the following voter registration and this was already covered by several blogs such as this one.  

In an effort to show this Liberal the truth, I decided to engage him and the various tweet exchanges are shown below.

Now notice in the next tweet that the Liberal is frustrated with the facts so he shifts the conversation (starts talking about Jared Loughner).  This is a classical Liberal tactic when the facts don’t support their narrative so I was not surprised by this.

In the next tweet we’ll see that @ChicoDelainky is now resorting to throwing anything against a wall to see if it sticks.  When faced with arguments that totally rebut his arguments, the Liberal now attempts to offer “proof” that Zimmerman was a Tea Party member.  That’s right, Zimmerman knew the words to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” song.

Of course there is no source to the Tea Party membership card or the knowledge of the lyrics to “Sweet Home Alabama” but Liberals never let facts get in the way of a good rant.

It was obvious that @ChicoDelainky was called on his lies and was unable to defend his statement that Zimmerman was a Tea Party member.  But what do Liberals do?  Admit their fault?  No, they double down on denial and then shift gears to vile tweet about a dead conservative blogger.

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5 Responses to An Example Of Liberal Tactics

  1. joesix says:

    It doesn’t matter if George Zimmerman is a democrat, or a republican, or a pope, or an organ-donating Peace Corps volunteer in a Prius. He shot and killed an unarmed teenager, and that is inexcusable.

    • SeeingDouble says:

      Unless said unarmed teenager was bludgeoning him in the face at the time he pulled the trigger, then it is both excusable and lawful, whereas bludgeoning a neighborhood watch leader for looking at you actually is both inexcusable and unlawful. That the bludgeoner was 17 is morally and legally irrelevant. But let’s allow them to try this in court, shall we? Still your comment begs a question: Does the race of a lynch mob matter? Or is any lynch mob inexcusable?

      joesix’ comment is ironically a continuation of liberal subject-changing when they can’t address the point. Thanks for an additional illustration of cosmoscon’s point.

      • joesix says:

        Mr. Zimmerman’s political affiliations are morally and legally irrelevant, but that doesn’t stop some people (see post above) from making it an issue. The only facts we know for sure is that Mr. Zimmerman ran after and then killed Trayvon Martin, even after the police dispatcher told him to hold back. Is it excusable and lawful to attack a man chasing you with a gun? I don’t support lynch mobs, I support murders waiting for their trials in jail cells.

  2. quiznilo says:

    “Is it excusable and lawful to attack a man chasing you with a gun?” Don’t quit your day job if you’re trying to argue that people have a right to attack other people because they’re armed. It’s a moot point, a straw-man, nobody attacks an armed individual, they leave the area.

    From witness testimony and the wounds on Zimmerman’s head, I’d say this is clear cut self-defense. If Zimmerman were out looking for a black man to shoot, why did he call 911 in the first place?

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