Obama Is A Big Spender – Part 3

To those who aren’t blind followers of the Dear Leader Obama, it is evident that the Federal spending under the current regime has far surpassed any other President in the modern era.  There are many ways to show this and I’ve done so here and here but when I was writing my last blog post I noticed another metric that also highlights the out of control spending under Team Obama.

I looked at Federal spending since 1980 and compared that with our GDP for each of those years and came up with the metric – Deficit Spending/GDP.  Normalizing our Federal Government spending to GDP seems fair because in times when the economy is booming there are more tax revenues and more need to expand infrastructure and other programs so while more actual dollars may be spent in those boom times, that necessarily doesn’t mean our Federal Government was on a spending binge.

So I took each year’s spending and divided it by GDP for that year and then averaged all the years for each President going back to Reagan (and used the year prior to Reagan as well but that isn’t representative of the entire Carter presidency).

Here is the graph and I’ll let it speak for itself.

avg deficit vs gdp

Off. The. Charts.

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11 Responses to Obama Is A Big Spender – Part 3

  1. “Res ipsa loquitur….”

    Nicely done, Cosmo!

    • cosmoscon says:

      You are single handedly increasing my Latin comprehension!

      • Glad that I’m able to provide a service, Cosmo!!
        Don’t be TOO impressed, though:

        When you have the following in your formative years:
        -you’re an altar boy;
        -attend Catholic school, (back when they had nuns as teachers in most grades); and
        -when you have a retired Army chaplain as your first priest….

        …you don’t have much choice on the whole “Learn Latin” thing…

  2. Flubnut says:

    I would be curious to see how this graph would change if you took out the following: TARP, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. Obviously, the final numbers are the final numbers, but would be interested to see how big an impact they did/did-not make, versus regular run-of-the-mill DC spending habits.

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