Trump Derangement Syndrome At NPR


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real affliction that has been claiming victims since November 2016 and NPR has been hit the worst.

In a piece this week on opioid addiction (another affliction that is apparently more treatable than TDS) the NPR Morning Addition co-host Rachel Martin couldn’t help but try and make this story about Trump (Even though Trump has done more than other recent Presidents to talk opening about this and attempt to use the weight of the Federal Government to help combat it).

Just when I was thinking that the story was getting to wind down, Martin took a 90 degree turn with this line of questioning of the mother (Simon) who has a son dealing with opioid addiction:

MARTIN: Are candidates talking about this issue in Florida?

SIMON: No, they’re not. Right now, we’re so polarized – for I think ridiculous reasons – and we’re not focusing on our own people and what our own people need to make it through the day sometimes.

MARTIN: Are you talking about like President Trump and allegations against him, the Russia investigation? All that stuff feels really far afield to you?

SIMON: Actually, I voted for President Trump.

MARTIN: Did you?

Martin was shocked, yes shocked, that this woman actually voted for Trump.  So she pressed further.

MARTIN: That means, Isabelle, you’re who everyone wants. President Trump especially wants to keep your vote with the GOP even though he’s not on the ballot in these midterms. In general, are you satisfied with how he has done the job in the past couple of years?

SIMON: I’m very satisfied with his performance on the job. I wish he would get off Twitter though because that is an unnecessary – ah, I don’t even know how to verbalize that. I just think it takes away, and it feeds into all the hatred we have right now and all the discord – it’s like if he would just do his job. The economy’s doing well. I believe for the things he stands for. He wants what’s best for America, and I really truly believe that. But he can’t help himself but to take criticism, and he just blows up and goes on Twitter with a rant. And that takes away from all the good he’s trying to do in other areas.

This obviously didn’t go the way Martin had hoped…..

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2 Responses to Trump Derangement Syndrome At NPR

  1. tannngl says:

    Nice. It’s entertaining to watch TDS in action.
    BTW, don’t forget to vote Tuesday! But take your umbrella. The total east coast rain forecast bodes well for R’s. 😁

  2. Pierre says:

    Thank you for being yyou

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