NPR Reveals Obama’s Failures In Iraq

NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman discussed the ongoing US role in Afghanistan with Defense analyst Tom O’Hanlon and General Dubik and at the end of the report there was an interesting bit that slipped through the censors.

O’HANLON: No matter what we’re told about the combat mission ending, we better still expect a dozen or two fatalities in our troops in Afghanistan next year and probably several dozen wounded.

BOWMAN: Still, despite the danger, officials say those thousands of U.S. forces in Afghanistan can prevent a repeat of the failures in Iraq. All U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq in 2011. This summer, the Iraqi army crumbled, opening the door to forces with the group that calls itself the Islamic State – again, General Dubik.

DUBIK: We have to learn from our mistakes in Iraq where we focused too narrowly on the military dimension of security and not the governance dimension of security.

BOWMAN: Now a new Iraqi government is attempting to fix what led to the military’s collapse and rebuild those army units. Hundreds of U.S. military advisers are returning to help.

Sounds like the NPR Pentagon correspondent and a General are saying that Obama’s zeal to pull all troops out of Iraq before a stable local government security presence was established might have been a huge mistake.

But never fear, regular NPR listeners will impose their own filters and blame all this on Bush.

Think I’m joking?

Here was my tweet highlighting this NPR article:

And here was the predictable Leftist reply:

Leftists are very predictable. Nothing is Obama’s fault. All the bad things that have happened since 2009 are all the fault of Bush. According to the noise in their echo chamber Obama was the first POTUS in the history of the United States to be dealt such horrific problems that even he, the smartest guy in the room, couldn’t fix.

Either that or they like to pretend that Obama hasn’t been President of the United States for the past 5+ years.

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