Obama Owns This Immigration Disaster

This latest immigration catastrophe is Obama’s fault.

But don’t take my word for it, read the following excerpt from a news segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today when reporter Steve Inskeep interviewed Eric Olsen of the Woodrow Wilson Center and Alfredo Corchado of the Dallas Morning News who is in Honduras (emphasis mine):

CORCHADO: Smugglers and other allies started spreading the whole idea of amnesty in the United States and saying this is the time – the time is now. And people started using social media to get the word out to say this was a window. You had to leave.

INSKEEP: Eric Olson is here in our studios. He’s been a number of times to Central America in recent weeks and months. What were you hearing in those trips?

ERIC OLSON: Well, a lot of the same things, frankly. I was in poor communities outside of the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa. And they said that several months ago some of the coyotes, the traffickers, started coming around and sort of making this pitch to people. .. You can be with your parents. Parents in the U.S. are actually sending money and saying come now. This is the opportunity. So there’s a lot of confusion.

INSKEEP: But, of course, a lot of those factors have been around for a while. Somehow, this sales pitch seems to be working in a different way. So let me get a little more specific about what it is. I would imagine that if I’m in San Pedro Sula in Honduras and someone says, go to the United States. You can get amnesty now. I might then ask, why? What is the why that people are being told?

CORCHADO: The why, at this moment, is saying if you have relatives in the U.S. or if you’re a victim of violence in Honduras, there is leniency. There’s a new attitude on the part of the government that once you get there, you’re handed over to the Border Patrol. You will go into detention. You will get a permit, a document that will allow you to roam in the United States. And they see that as the best thing to the situation they live now.

INSKEEP: Is President Obama’s deferred enforcement, for some people who are in the United States without documentation, a part of this – the so-called equivalent of the Dream Act?

CORCHADO: It’s kind of a convoluted message. I mean, we asked people specifically that question. And they don’t really know the details. But they will tell you, we know something is new. Something has happened that children are allowed to stay. That children who haven’t seen their parents in years, can now be reunited. We press them on specifics and they really don’t know the specifics.

INSKEEP: What about just the fact that there has been talk of immigration reform in the United States for several year? Has that penetrated? Is that in any way part of this rumor?

CORCHADO: Absolutely, I mean, I’ve heard from several people who said at night you watch the news and, you know, newscast will lead with, you know, the talk about the immigration reform. But they don’t really know details. I mean, they just know that it’s the faintest little sign of hope that you cling to. Even if you hear that 9 out of 10 people didn’t make it, you have to believe that you will be that one exception.

Who has been pushing for a swift path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Who refuses to address the brutal fact that our southern border isn’t secure?

Who has been the President of the United States for the past 5+ years and presided over countless foreign policy disasters?

The word has gone out in Mexico and Central America – The US has a blundering President who refuses to secure the border, defers enforcement and wants to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

Are we surprised by this exodus?

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