NPR’s New Found Interest In Gov Scott Walker

Scott Walker must be the current GOP front runner for 2016.

How do I know this? Is it because of this Hotair article?

“One of the major takeaways from the Des Moines Register poll of the GOP primary electorate that found Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker surging ahead of the pack in the Hawkeye State is his apparent appeal to both the Republican Party’s conservative and moderate wings.”

No, it’s because NPR has put out two stories (here and here) on Gov. Walker in the last 2 days.



Before 02-FEB-15, you have to go back to the end of October 2014 to find the last time NPR had a story dedicated to Walker. But yet now, after a great weekend in Iowa where he appears to be the front runner, NPR blasts out 2 hit pieces in two days!

It’s almost like the stories are coordinated or something.


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7 Responses to NPR’s New Found Interest In Gov Scott Walker

  1. JoeysDad says:

    NPR is a non-profit organization funded in part by the federal government. But apparently it is also a mouthpiece for the Democrat party; running smear campaigns on any potentially viable GOP candidate. One would hope that the IRS would study the content of their programming for bias and review their non-profit status. Because in effect, the DNC is getting public funds to run their campaigns.

    • livinrightinpgh says:

      With the upcoming election cycle, I’m certain that the IRS will be TOO BUSY blocking the non-profit status of Conservative grassroots groups to “waste” any time on NPR.

    • cosmoscon says:

      I doubt the IRS will don any investigation into NPR under this administration! But you’re right, the Fed funding should be eliminated. It’s only a small percentage of their budget (most comes from donations) so let’s cut that purse string.

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    You can always tell who and what the Left fears by who and what they’re attacking. With Gov Walker, they don’t want him to gather any momentum, or worse, gain a more national audience. You have to laugh at the “Can he get past Labor’s loathing” title. Organized Labor Unions are at practically an all-time low in terms of percent of the workforce. Once meaningful to improving working conditions for laborers, they are nothing more than the wolf of Socialism dressed up in the sheep’s clothing of “safety and wages”.

    • cosmoscon says:

      Spot on. One of the reasons I like Walker is his willingness to lean into the teeth of the Left and stand tall. He stood up against Unions in a purple state and he can do it in the rest of the country as well.

  3. “Scott Walker must be the current GOP front runner for 2016…”?
    Absolutely correct, Cosmo. And that’s the reason they’re gonna try to take him out…

    It’s similar to the sudden interest in anti-vaccination folks, and attributing the “controversy” to Conservatives. It’s just another potential hammer with which to whack the GOP, and divert the attention from dumpster fire of Hillary’s campaign.

    I’ve been following Walker rather closely for years now, and he’s the real deal.
    If the Left fears him, well, …they have reason to.

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