The Do Nothing White House

Obama once told Republicans that “the Election is over” and they should just roll over and accept his agenda but thanks to this story, NPR tells us how it’s now totally OK now for Obama to fight the results of the past election and use his veto early and often.

“President Obama is about to get his first veto opportunity of the new Congress. A bill that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline project will be on his desk soon. He has promised to veto it, and that’s unusual. In his first six years in office, Obama issued just two vetoes — the fewest of any president going all the way back to James Garfield, and Garfield only served 199 days in office! But with the Republican takeover of both chambers of Congress, that will change. Here are four reasons why:”

NPR seems blown away with the fact that Obama has only issued 2 vetoes while in office. Of course this is a mystery only to NPR as everyone else knows quite well why Obama hasn’t had to issue more vetoes – For the past 6 years we’ve had an obstructionist Senate presided over by Harry Reid that shut down any legislation that wasn’t handpicked by Obama.

And Obama isn’t following his own advice about working with the other side after an election that can only be described as a mandate.

“According to political scientists who study this, historically, 90 percent of veto threats are issued privately, behind the scenes. Obama appears to be breaking with that tradition. He has issued nine veto threats so far — in public.”

Nothing says “I’m willing to work with the other side” quite like publicly threatening the other side. Chicago politics…

But in reality I’m hopeful Obama has to issue a slew of Vetoes in the next 2 years.

The day after the Republican’s sweeping election win last November I made the comment that I hoped they would send legislation to Obama every 2 weeks. Keystone XL, repealing the Medical Device Tax, reforming Dodd-Frank, Corporate Tax reforms, cutting spending on Entitlement programs, Fair Tax, etc.

If the Republicans are smart, they’ll follow my advice and every time they get in front of a microphone they can bemoan the “Do Nothing White House” and blame all economic woes on the inability of the President to come to terms with the fact that the election is over.

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3 Responses to The Do Nothing White House

  1. Great post, Cosmo!
    It’s true: President “I Won” has a 100% different view when situations are reversed. All part of Progressivism 101: “Rules for thee, but not for Me”, etc…

    We see it again and again, and simply have to plan to defeat it, rather than bemoan its existence. Your strategy would certainly be better than what they’re doing currently, no question.

    And yes: I’m back…. 😉

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