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This Is Newsworthy To NPR

It’s either a slow news day or NPR is trying to push the Elizabeth Warren ‘class warfare, wealth redistribution, Income Inequality’ talking points. NPR just ran an honest to goodness story (it’s on their website and everything) that is about … Continue reading

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NPR Is Hacktastic!

I guess NPR doesn’t think we can google their old stories to prove what a Hack they are. Well, they’re wrong.  Here are two NPR articles that prove the political bias that exist at this ‘news’ organization. The first was … Continue reading

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In Sandy’s Wake, NPR’s Graph Reading Skills Re-Examined

NPR had a story today on the future of coastal flooding and they interviewed William Sweet from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The money quote is here (emphasis mine): “Sea level is changing and it is going to keep … Continue reading

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NPR’s Poor Memory

NPR’s Julie Rovner (@JRovner) had a report today about the latest Obamacare website failures but then she touched on the next politically inconvenient truth that Team Obama will have to wrestle with. From NPR: “But we’re also hearing about people … Continue reading

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NPR Blames Republicans

NPR is getting tired of people blaming the Obama administration and specifically Kathleen Sebelius for the huge failure of the Obamacare website so they are going into full shill mode to help out. Who does Julie Rovner blame? For starters, … Continue reading

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All Weather Is Caused By Global Warming

I listened to an NPR story this morning about wild weather tied to unusual jet stream activity and I waited patiently for the eventual tie in to Global Warming.  I knew it would happen and I was not disappointed. It’s … Continue reading

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Kevyn Orr Schools NPR

There was an interesting Q&A on NPR’s All Things Considered the other day between NPR reporter Robert Siegel and Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and it was quite obvious that these two gentlemen have two very different ways of characterizing … Continue reading

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NPR Hypocrisy

NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston reassures us that these Boston terrorists acted alone and were not under the influence of any particular ideology. “As investigators learn more about the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his … Continue reading

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NPR Talks About Gun Control

I heard this NPR story on the way home today and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The story took place in the home of Paul Gwaltney along with 6 others who were invited to share their diverse opinions … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Warming

AGW scientists keep using that word, “Unprecedented” … The Anthropogenic Global Warming cult thinks they have come up with the latest Earth shattering research paper that will finally convince skeptics that we should convert to the cult, worship at the … Continue reading

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NPR Wakes Up

It’s too early to declare the dumbest headline in 2013 but remember this one when we get to the end of the year. From the NPR story (emphasis mine): “For years, Democratic politicians have been shy about talking up the … Continue reading

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