NPR’s Poor Memory

NPR’s Julie Rovner (@JRovner) had a report today about the latest Obamacare website failures but then she touched on the next politically inconvenient truth that Team Obama will have to wrestle with.

From NPR:

“But we’re also hearing about people getting notices that their old health insurance is being canceled, and that could be the next big political issue. Those people are in the individual market who buy their own insurance. That’s about 14 million people out of more than 300 million Americans.”

Notice how she tries to minimize this troublesome consequence of Obamacare by saying that it’s only 14 million out of 300 million Americans?

She continues downfield blocking for Team Obama:

“Some of them are going to have to buy new policies and some are going to have to pay more, because the policies they have now don’t meet the current minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. But at the same time, there are people in the individual market who will no longer be paying extra because they’re women, or older, or have pre-existing medical conditions.”

Yea, they won’t be able to keep their insurance but the new policies they are getting are way better thanks to Team Obama.

And one more thing:

“The fact is, one of the biggest things the Affordable Care Act does is remake the market for individually purchased policies. That’s going to cause some dislocation for people in that market now. It’s going to create winners and losers. And it’s the losers who complain the loudest.”

See?  Obamacare is radically transforming the market for individual health insurance so yea some people are going to suffer.  And it’s always those whiny losers who aren’t a team player that do most of the complaining.

The NPR piece ends here and I thought that was odd.  Because unlike NPR, I remember President Obama saying this before Obamacare was passed.

I wonder if NPR’s memory would be any better if a Republican POTUS was in office and was caught in the same lie.

The State Run Media is continuing to ignore the lies of this administration but they are slowly losing the message and as the weeks and months progress and the full failure that is Obamacare starts to hit people where it hurts – their pocket – then they won’t be able to hide the truth any longer.

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3 Responses to NPR’s Poor Memory

  1. tomwys says:

    NPR’s poor memory???

    No, its the President’s poor memory!!!

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    Your last paragraph really strikes at the core of the issue, Cosmo….I am traveling this week and was in Atlanta yesterday on my way to an appointment. The local news/talk station was playing a clip of some lady (clearly an Obama supporter) who just figured out that she was about to have her healthcare premiums go up about 60%. Her reaction was CLASSIC LIBERAL: “I was all for the Affordable Care Act, and that some people were going to pay MORE so that they could subsidize others, as the President said, but I didn’t think it was GOING TO BE ME THAT WAS PAYING MORE!!”

    As Bugs Bunny would say: What a maroon. What an eskimo pie head. What an IMBESSIL!

    • Doncha’ love how the equal opportunity of the Free Market are always portrayed as “unfair”, with “fairness” being defined as outcome based, vs. opportunity based?
      But then the Statists’ own policies simply create DIFFERENT outcomes, which are just as unequal.
      The differences being THEY get to choose who receives the unequal treatment.

      And when that’s pointed out, they basically respond with “oh, well, we can’t please everyone, now can we??…”

      They are contemptible human beings.

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