NPR Hypocrisy

NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston reassures us that these Boston terrorists acted alone and were not under the influence of any particular ideology.

“As investigators learn more about the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, allegedly did, the initial theory is that “these two young men were working on their own,” NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston said Tuesday on Morning Edition.”

What a difference a week makes!  Remember in the days after the bombing, Dina Temple-Raston had a different tone when she implied that the bombers were Right Wing activists who were influenced by Tea Party ideals (low taxes, patriotism, small government, etc.).

“April is a big month for antigovernment and right-wing individuals. There’s the Columbine anniversary, there’s Hitler’s birthday, there’s the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.”

It’s very odd.  When this State Run Media journalist thought the bombers were Right Wing nut jobs, she had no problem attributing ultra Conservative ideals as motivations to the bombers.  But now that the real terrorists don’t fit that characterization, she’s all about telling us these guys acted alone and weren’t influenced by any outside ideology.

And by all means, don’t blame Islam for this.  These guys just happen to be followers of that Religion of Peace.  It’s not like Islam is to blame for this kind of repeated violence.  Or is it?

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4 Responses to NPR Hypocrisy

  1. Karen says:

    The world has gone mad. Did you read that a UN official has just blamed the Boston bombings on American domination?

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    You nailed it, Cosmo…..

    When it doesn’t “fit the narrative”, it’s like South Park’s Office Barbrady: “Move along….nothing to see here….”

  3. What are the odds that Dina Temple-Raston will face the derision Todd Akin faced?By the way, she gets it wrong, just as Mike Bloomberg got the Times Square bomber wrong when he speculated that he was a “homegrown white right winger”.One of the suspects is dead with shrapnel wounds as well as gunshot. The other on the run. They are currently thought to be brothers from Chechnya or Turkey. What might they have in common other terrorists? Jihad maybe? A lot still to be learned at this point but it looks like maybe there was “foreign Muslim involvement”. I imagine that will really be a disappointment to Dina Temple-Raston and her colleagues at NPR.It wasn’t a suicide attack because they still had more plans. The homegrown right winger theory bites the dust. Again.

  4. There have been several new developments in the investigation into the Boston bombing. The surviving suspect is said to have told investigators that he and his brother planned to bomb New York City as well. In addition, one of the accused Boston Marathon bombers was on several government watch lists ahead of last week’s attacks. Audie Cornish talks to Dina Temple-Raston for an explanation of the various lists that have been developed to flag possible terrorists and what happens when someone is placed on one.

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