NPR Is Obsessed With Scott Walker

Don’t believe me? Check out this story about commodity prices and their link to mining equipment.

Sounds pretty innocuous and ho hum – copper and iron ore are dropping in price and therefore mining companies don’t has as much incentive to open new mines so they and the companies that make mining equipment lay people off.

So what? Yes, I feel sorry for those affected by this downturn but why was this non-story included on NPR’s Morning Edition today?

Simple, there is a Scott Walker tie in to the story.

I give you the opening and closing paragraphs of this story:

“Two years ago this month, mineral commodity prices were already down and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker wanted to give mining companies, mining equipment makers and their suppliers a boost. Walker signed a controversial bill that makes it easier to develop a new mine in Wisconsin.”

“Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like sales of mining equipment will grow much anytime soon. In fact, that mining company that demanded the special legislation that Governor Walker signed in 2013, it now says it may cancel its planned iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin.”

The middle part of the story (11 paragraphs) never mentions Walker but instead focuses on examples of people who have lost their jobs and quotes/predictions from a financial analyst for the industry.

At an unbiased news organization, the middle part of this story would be the WHOLE story. Nothing would’ve been news worthy about a governor trying to help out his state’s citizens during an economic downturn only to see it backfire because the market downturn was too severe. But then again, I’d never label NPR an unbiased news organization so they had to lead and close with a tie in to Walker.

Make no mistake, if Scott Walker hadn’t been a leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016 (and the Left’s front runner wasn’t imploding) this story would’ve never been written.

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2 Responses to NPR Is Obsessed With Scott Walker

  1. tomwys1 says:

    & you’re surprised?

  2. livinrightinpgh says:

    “And next on NPR, we discuss the Republicans’ strange obsession about a bunch of innocent, missing emails sent from a private server. To WHAT lengths will they go to in order to stop a woman from becoming President? #waronwomen”

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