CO2 Emissions Are Flat?

The latest propaganda from the AGW cult attempts to convince you that CO2 emissions in 2014 were flat.

“Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions flatlined globally in 2014, while the world economy grew. The International Energy Agency reports that this marks “the first time in 40 years in which there was a halt or reduction in emissions of the greenhouse gas that was not tied to an economic downturn.”

The AGW cult generates these lies to help propagate the myth that CO2 emissions are not needed in a thriving economy in hopes that countries will sign up for devastating curbs on CO2 emissions. From the article:

“All this “provides much-needed momentum to negotiators preparing to forge a global climate deal in Paris in December,” explained IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol, who was just named the next IEA Executive Director. “For the first time, greenhouse gas emissions are decoupling from economic growth.”

Predictably, the Left is cherry picking their data. Notice they mentioned “energy-related carbon dioxide emissions” and they are only considering the government provided data on CO2 produced from power generation facilities.

Remember that the whole AGW cult theory is based on rising atmospheric CO2 levels increasing the temperature of the planet. Understandably, they have been very disturbed with the fact that global temperatures have been flat for the past 17 years while CO2 emissions have continued their steady increase. In response to the data TOTALLY contradicting their theory, they are now grasping at straws here.

A person interested in science knows that Mother Nature doesn’t care where the CO2 molecules come from and if the AGW cult theory is true, we should be more concerned with ALL CO2 emissions (people still drive automobiles with internal combustion engines, right?). As it turns out, an actual scientific measurement shows atmospheric CO2 levels are continuing to rise as the Mauna Loa data show.

co2 graph

The actual atmospheric CO2 data alone is enough to debunk the Think Progress article but we also know that there are 1,000 new coal fired plants planned to start up worldwide. Guess what gas these new plants will burb into the atmosphere!

One of the AGW cult’s sacraments of faith has always been atmospheric CO2 levels and now they are abandoning this real scientific data in favor of government provided estimates.

The AGW cult is on the ropes and their death throws are uncomfortable to watch.

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1 Response to CO2 Emissions Are Flat?

  1. tomwys1 says:

    The impact on world atmospheric temperature from the “Energy related carbon dioxide emissions…” is beneath our existing instrumentation’s ability to measure. As CO2 continues its upward trend, it needs to double (to 800ppm) to warm the atmosphere by 1.2 degrees C. The impact of the 1.4% total “human contributed” annual increase is already too small to show up in the temperature variation. Stripping out the “Energy related” portion is a subset of an unmeasurable subset!!!

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