AGW Cult Explains Lack Of Major Hurricanes In US

Remember when Al Gore and the rest of the AGW cult told us that we’d be hammered by major hurricanes due to Man Made Climate Change?

Well it hasn’t happened and now the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult is scrambling for answers and they apparently have found them.

Time reports that the answer is partially due to cool (that’s right cool, as in not hot) ocean temperatures.

“Now, new research published in the journal Nature explains the unlikely phenomenon as at least in part the result of an occurrence called “protective barriers,” which help keep major hurricanes from making landfall. Cool ocean temperatures combine with strong vertical wind shear, a measure of how quickly wind changes speed or direction, off the Atlantic coast. Faced with those conditions, major hurricanes tend to slow down, according to the research.”

NPR also covered this story and here is their take on the new research:

“It’s been more than 10 years since the U.S. was hit by a major hurricane. Scientists mark that up to chance. But as NPR’s Christopher Joyce reports, new research suggests a reason for our good fortune.”

“This has been a very lucky thing for us. And we’ve had it in place now for a while, and we don’t know how this phenomenon is going to be affected by climate change.”

But don’t worry, the AGW cult isn’t going to admit defeat, they still have dire predictions for the US. From the Time article:

“The phenomenon uncovered in the new research has thus far been good news for the U.S., but the change may not be permanent, Kossin says. Atmospheric patterns in the North Atlantic can take more than a decade to shift, meaning the wind shear and coastal sea surface temperatures that protect the U.S. could easily disappear. Combine that with continued global warming further out in the ocean, and the coast could face many more major hurricanes that make landfall.”

To sum up the AGW cut findings – Hey we were wrong 10 years ago but dammit we’re super serious now, Climate Change is going to cause the US to be bludgeoned by major hurricane landfalls.

Then there is this hard-hitting prediction in the NPR article about what Climate Change will do to this coastal buffer that has been protecting the US:

“Climate change could strengthen the coastal buffer, he says, or eliminate it.”

Well, which is it?!?!

Climate Scientists and the political hacks that latch onto them have no clue about what Mother Nature will do with increased CO2 in the atmosphere but they’ll twist themselves in knots to avoid an admission that they really don’t have a valid model of Earth’s climate yet.

It’s at least refreshing to see an AGW cult member go off script in the Time article and admit they don’t have a clue:

“Still, many of the variables at play remain unanswered.”

Amen!  Do your research, ask the right questions and let the data drive our policy, not the other way around.


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