Food As Medicine

There was a great article on NPR today that talks about the paradigm shift in medical circles where doctors prescribe food instead of medicine and this is manna from the heavens for me!


As many readers of this blog know, I believe that any Type 2 Diabetic can have normal blood glucose levels but instead of doing that with medicine you can achieve better results by altering your diet and exercise regime. It’s not easy but it’s more sustainable over the long run than taking Metformin and Insulin injections.

I’ve chosen the Paleo lifestyle for me, but there is a link in the NPR article to a published article that suggest a Vegan diet helps other Type 2 Diabetics. The key is to find what works for your body but don’t default quickly to the medicine route but instead experiment with different foods and exercise routines that work for your body.

The money quote:

“What people eat can be medicine or poison”

Read the whole article, it’s good!

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  1. blaine says:

    Dr. Roy Taylor, who has had perhaps the most clinical success in reversing diabetes, has identified the cause of type 2 as too much fat in the liver and pancreas which impedes normal function. Eliminate the fat, reverse diabetes. It’s just that simple and just that hard.

    There is quite a bit of evidence that any real food diet that reduces and maintains visceral fat at a very low level will reverse diabetes in time.

    This is why there are so many testimonials and reviews in Amazon for different types of weight loss diet books reversing diabetes.

    A water or green juice, multi-week fast is by far the fastest way to loose weight and drastically lower blood sugar readings. But it’s crazy hard to do for the first week or two. I’ve never taken drugs but I’ve been told it’s comparable in difficulty to withdrawl from drugs or alcohol.

    I did it with low carb protein drinks twice a day and a large green salad at noon. Basically I pretended I’d just had bariatric surgery without having the surgery since 8 out of 10 bariatric surgery patients reverse diabetes symptoms and have normal blood sugar readings before leaving the hospital or within one or two weeks.

    My personal rules are no liquid calories, no fast food, 90% reduction in bread and wheat products, stevia instead of sugar, very low use of olive oil and grass fed butter. (Kerry Gold Irish butter from CISCO). Eat everything else. Don’t gain more then 5 pounds without immediately taking it back off.

    I try to lift heavy weights 3 times a week and jog at a 6 MPH pace for 20 or 30 minutes 3 times a week unless I’m biking hard for an hour or more.

    Having been overweight for most of my adult life, I’m convinced this regimen will give me the best chance of avoiding chronic, preventable diseases and minimising the risks of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Maintenance never gets easier.

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