The Left’s Game Plan – Blame The Republicans

If SCOTUS rules that Obamacare subsidies are illegal in states that didn’t set up their own exchange then folks in over 30 states will find that their subsidies will vanish and their Insurance plans they obtained with these subsidies will evaporate.

This scenario is possible due to the language that was used in the law that stated people would be eligible for the Federal subsidy only if their state set up their own exchange. Many states didn’t set up their own exchange and instead opted to let their residents participate in the Federal exchanges but the department of Health and Human Services ignored the letter of the law and offered these subsidies to people in states that didn’t set up their own exchanges and that is the whole reason for the case in SCOTUS.

So what happens is SCOTUS finds in favor of the plaintiff and nullifies the subsidies for people living in the states that didn’t set up their own exchanges?

From NPR:

As we heard from Jeff, millions of Americans could be left scrambling if the Supreme Court decides their health insurance subsidies are illegal. These policyholders live in some three dozen states in which the federal government runs the healthcare exchange, not the state.

LINDA BLUMBERG: Well, these are not the really poor people. Those are the people that were targeted to get help through the Medicaid program or the Medicaid expansion. So what we’re talking about here are the people who are vulnerable to losing their assistance are really working low-income and working middle-income people. So the vast majority of them – over 80 percent are workers themselves. The rest are basically in families of workers. And over 60 percent of them are white. Over 60 percent of them live in the South. So we’re talking about a population that is working hard to make ends meet, but can’t really do everything on their own. They’re also a voting population, which I think is really important, too.

OMG, what can we do to fix this?

Again, from NPR:

CORNISH: So they would just have to change the law, basically?

BLUMBERG: Right. And they just – really, we’re talking about a couple of words in one sentence in the law that are in dispute here. So all they would have to do is take out a couple of words in one sentence in a thousand-page-plus law.

So the solution is easy, just have Congress change a few words in the Law to allow for these subsidies to continue!

I’ll let Lee Corso provide my reply to this – “Not so fast my friend!”

Sorry Democrats, but not sorry, it’s not our job to clean up your mistakes!

It’s very clear what the Left’s is planning if SCOTUS rules in favor of the plaintiff – Push the narrative that the reason millions are losing their insurance is because a Republican Congress refuses to change a few words in a law!

Forget the inconvenient truth that the whole reason we have this problem is because Democrats rammed through this legislation without properly vetting the language. And now they expect the Republicans to clean up their mistake?!?! Good luck with that!

Mark my words, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the plaintiff, this message of blaming the Republicans for the recent Obamacare failure will be the talking points on MSNBC and other Leftist sites for months leading up to the 2016 elections.

Don’t let them get away with this.

Let it burn.


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