Keep Voting For Your Overlords

Tell me again which political party is racist.

From NPR:

The New Deal was a coalition of Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats. The Southern Democrats were segregationist, and in many cases, the Northern Democrats compromised with them in order to get housing programs enacted.

From the 1930s onward, white people moved into new houses. Many were in new suburbs like Levittown, N.Y. Black people got public housing apartments in the same center cities where they already lived. Decades later, there’s an enormous gap between the grandchildren of one group and the grandchildren of the other.

In 1947, when Levittown was first opened, homes were sold to white, working-class families for about $8,000 apiece. That is about $125,000 today. African-Americans were prohibited from buying into those developments, even though they had the economic means to do so.

African Americans will continue to tell us that it’s the Republican Party that hates them but history shows that the Democrats are the ones who want to hold them down.

Republicans want a world where people can succeed on their own merits, free from Government regulations that pick winners and losers, and their policies encourage folks to work hard, go to school and make a better life for themselves.  Democrats tell people of color that they need the benevolent Washington DC elite to provide government assistance to them.



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