Federal Government Shutdown Calculus

The latest federal government shutdown is not like ones in the past because the Republican in charge of the ‘negotiations’ is not like prior Republicans.

Pelosi and Schumer think Trump is like other Republicans in that they are weakened by the negative news stories from the Main Stream Media touting the catastrophes that befall us because of the shutdown.  But they are way off base here.  Trump is not worried about these news stories because he doesn’t care what the MSM says about him and that should be crystal clear over the last 2 years of his presidency.

Trump actually wants the federal government shutdown to happen and so do I. Let me explain.

Why did Trump wait until Republican lost the House to push for the Border Wall?  It’s because he wants this fight and he knows that a federal government shutdown (in a prolonged sense, not like the ones of the past) is the best way to cut federal government spending and weed out unnecessary job positions.

What is the best method to cut unnecessary jobs in the Federal Government?

You could get the heads of all agencies together in a room for multiple days debating the benefits of their team members but in the end the bureaucrats will cut few from their teams because their budgets rely on having a large staff.

What you need to do is shut down the entire federal government and then wait for the pain points to show themselves.  Over time, it will become evident who is essential and who is not and this process will probably take several months.  At the end of this period, those folks who have not been called back are probably not needed and can be permanently dismissed.

Trump is playing on the fact that Pelosi and Schumer don’t want to negotiate with him and will reject any proposal so he continues to offer items that the Democrats have wanted for years to turn public opinion against the Democrats. Eventually even the MSM will push Democrats to respond to Trumps overtures and will be frustrated with the dogmatic nature of Pelosi and Schumer.

Let this shutdown continue for a couple more months and then we’ll not only see what federal jobs are expendable but we’ll also see Pelosi and Schumer flailing about trying to understand the game theory that Trump is employing.



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2 Responses to Federal Government Shutdown Calculus

  1. tannngl says:

    I’m not sure Trump is doing what you’ve set out in your post. Indeed he has set his course to allow government shutdown to get the money for the wall. But I’m not so sure about the permanent layoffs of unnecessary jobs/people in the government. What you say about this being the only way to get the department heads to allow loss of these employees is true. Beaureaucrats will never layoff the amount of unnecessary jobs they should. NEVER. So, perhaps you’re right. I sure hope so!

    And he has mentioned allowing the shutdown for years! That surprised me! But it shouldn’t have. We have a very different kind of person in the executive chair today!

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