Occupy Wall Street is Just What Obama Needs

Several weeks ago I thought Occupy Wall Street was just a spontaneous gathering of spoiled college graduates who can’t find work now that they’ve completed their Greek Literature degrees.  A quick reading through the forum section on their website would lead you to believe this is true, but now I think the protests might be directed by either Barack Obama or someone close to him who wants to deflect negative attention from the failures of the President.

Obama is in trouble.  The economy is still on life support and as the WSJ pointed out, the recovery from our last big recession (early 80’s – Reagan) isn’t being realized from this one.  Solyndragate is not going away and might cost Eric Holder his job.   Fast and Furious is looking more like an Iran-Contra “lite” and the administration still has questions to answer about who know what and when.  Obamacare is very unpopular and his Jobs’ Speech and plan are seen as political grandstanding.  He is generally seen as someone who is not capable of the office of President. 

So what is a community organizer to do when faced with such dire circumstances?  Turn to Saul Alinsky.  What Obama needs is a crisis to divert America’s attention from his incompetence.  Alinsky has 13 tactics that can be used by the Community Organizer to further his agenda.  Let’s see how some of these are realized in the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

Tactic 4 – Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.  The Occupy Wall Street clan is spreading the meme that they are just a left version of the Tea Party.  In 2009, a true grass roots movement came into being to protest the overreach of Government and those protests sprung up all over the country.  Tea Party supporters exercised their 1st amendment rights and changed the political landscape and now the Left is saying they deserve the same rights.  While they do deserve the same 1st amendment rights (and I fully support their rights to peacefully assemble) they hardly have the same coherent message of the Tea Party and thus can’t be taken seriously.

Tactic 5 – Ridicule is the man’s most potent weapon.  The Occupy Wall Street meme states that they represent 99% of America.  They hope to ridicule those who work hard, take risks and generate wealth and pigeon hole them into a small minority.  Of course this is not true as I’ve shown in the following post.  34% of Americans (those making over $50,000 per year) pay 94% of all Income taxes and I’d bet that 99% of the people at the Occupy Wall Street protest pay NO federal income taxes. 

Tactic 6 – A good tactic is one your people enjoy.  The vast majority of the Occupy Wall Street crowd have no job, love to generate chaos and have no real purpose other than to take money from others.  They are made for this type of protest and can do this indefinitely since they have no other responsibilities. 

Tactic 7 – A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.  As I stated above, they are in this for the long haul and hope to escalate the emotions to reach a tipping point where police lose their cool and meet the protests with excessive force.  The Tea Party protests were never more than a day or weekend because these people had jobs and families to support so they were not interested in causing riots but focused on getting their message out. 

Tactic 9 – The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.  One common theme with Occupy Wall Street is removing Capitalism and replacing it with Socialism.  Of course the majority of Americans would never agree to this but the thought of this strikes fear in most Americans and with good reason.  There are no examples of countries that have adopted Socialism and went on to provide a successful environment for their people. 

It is not outside reason to think that the Left is funding and supporting these protests to divert attention from Obama and redirect blame to the ‘rich’.  Adbusters is behind this movement since they are listed on the Occupy Wall Street website and I wouldn’t be surprised to see MoveOn.org and Soros also behind the funding and organizing of these protests.  Obama never left his Community Organizer roots so he’d not only encourage this movement but welcome it since this is an operating mode he is most comfortable with.    

The Occupy Wall Street group is really just a pawn in the uber rich Left and this hypothesis is proven by the fact that Michael Moore (net worth $50 million) and Susan Sarandon (net worth $50 million) have been two high profile celebrities to join them. 

As a final comedic parting thought – I saw the following video that seems to characterize what it feels like to try and debate the Occupy Wall Street cult on the issues. 

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