A Religion of Peace

In Afghanistan yesterday a terrorist organization called Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed at least 60 people.  The terrorist group is affiliated with a Sunni extremist group and they apparently hated the Shiite minority group so much they decide to coordinate two bomb attacks on one of the Shiite holy festivals and kill some innocent people.

Sunnis and Shiites are two denominations of Islam and, from what I have read, basically differ on who can select Islamic leaders – God (Shiite view) or Man (Sunni view).  Sunnis seem to be the most populous denomination and tends to be more traditional and Shiites have a more radical interpretation of their scripture. 

I’m sure it is much more convoluted than I stated above but here is my point.  Somewhere I heard that Islam is a religion of Peace.  Really?  I have a hard time believing that statement after seeing world events over the past few decades and I have an even harder time believing that claim when I hear stories like this one.  We aren’t talking about Christians, America, Israel or any of the usual suspects that Islam uses to justify their violence.  We are talking about Muslims carrying out major bomb attacks against those who share the same country and religion.

Did you hear about the time a Southern Baptist group bombed a Methodist Easter service because they didn’t like the fact that Methodists baptized their believers without using the full immersion technique?  Yea, me neither.

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2 Responses to A Religion of Peace

  1. Middle Ground View says:

    Those are very good points. I would argue this is common sense stuff but have you noticed how it never gets put this way in the media?

    • cosmoscon says:

      thanks for your comments. I checked out your blog, enjoyed the posts and I’ve added this site to my blogroll. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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