Problem Solving 101

You can’t offer solutions until you completely define the problem.  To those who have analytical minds, this is common sense and you can look at any collegiate Engineering curriculum and you won’t find a class on this topic.  But there are times when we see people jump to solutions that don’t combat the actual problems and I liken this to someone who only has a hammer characterizing every problem as a nail.

We currently see this in the United Nations.  Climate Scientists and Environmental groups have infiltrated the UN and convinced a majority of its members that the Earth is in grave danger of becoming uninhabitable due to global warming climate change caused by increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.  The UN sees an opportunity to redistribute wealth among the nations and are trying to push a global economic collapse under the guise of saving the planet but it is obvious to anyone with an analytical mind that these policies (such as Carbon tax/trading) are really just another case of a solution in search of a problem. 

We saw in early 2009 where the Obama administration also made the fatal mistake of offering solutions before fully understanding the problem.  Obama saw the rising unemployment caused by the great recession and decided the answer was a massive stimulus package.  Prior to proposing this package, they stated that the stimulus was necessary to keep the unemployment rate below 8.0% but we know that the actual unemployment rate rose to 10% and the actual plot of Unemployment over time followed a trajectory that was worse than the one predicted if we didn’t pass the $787 billion stimulus.  There is no arguing that the 2009 stimulus failed its stated goals so the Obama administration was guilty of offering solutions to a problem that they didn’t accurately characterize. 

Unfortunately, it is apparent that Liberals have not learned from their prior mistakes and are still guilty of offering solutions to problems that are misdiagnosed.  There was an NPR article that interviewed Ernestyne James Adams and Althea James Truitt (sisters in Camden, South Carolina) and according to them, the US can move forward out of its economic woes by tackling its biggest problem…..racism.  From the NPR article (emphasis mine):

“Adams and Truitt both have Ph.D.s They had distinguished careers in the Northeast, then moved back home to Camden to retire. They say it’s a different place than when they were growing up, but with some of the same issues — namely, lingering racism. It’s the same thing, Truitt says, that’s holding the nation back right now.”

“How can we not carry on a conversation about the state of America without talking about racism?” Truitt asks.”

I do not claim that racism has been eradicated in the United States and I don’t know if 100% of its population will ever remove this ignorance from its society.  I think that racism is not a unique problem with the US but more a problem with humanity in general and hopefully, through education, all countries and all races will learn to treat everyone with the dignity and respect.  But it is obvious that the world has not reached that goal – there are still idiots in American who subscribe to White Supremacy, Shi’ites still persecute Sunnies in Iraq, Muslims still hate Jews and the list goes on.  So while I acknowledge that racism still exists in the US, I disagree with the hypothesis that racism is the major problem that is holding the US back.

I think our problems stem from the fact that our GPD is equal to our National Debt, 90% of all tax income goes to fund Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and Unemployment Insurance, Over-regulation from the DoJ/EPA/FDA/HHS, the NLRB telling companies where they can build manufacturing sites and a Government that is addicted to spending. 

How can someone with a PhD come to the conclusion that the main problem in the US is racism?  Is this someone who has a hammer and sees all problems as nails?  There was a time in the US when the Race Card was the right play but we are not in the same environment and those who play it in 2012 should not be taken seriously.

If you want to watch a video showing an analytical approach to identifying our current problem, go here. 

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