Take That Eric Holder

If Eric Holder didn’t like South Carolina’s Voter ID law, he’ll really hate this new law that is moving through the Palmetto state legislature. 

A Bill has moved forward in the South Carolina Senate that will change the conditions under which benefits are paid to the unemployed who have not found a job within 6 months.

From the Myrtle Beach NBC affiliate WMBF:

“The SC Senate panel approved a measure today that would state that the unemployed have six months to find a job, and if they are not able to secure one, they should volunteer at a city or county level to receive their jobless benefits. The bill could now move forward in the state house.

Senator Paul Campbell created the bill with the intention of allowing the unemployed to use their skills to get work done around the area. Some say it would also help the unemployed develop a skill-set and network while giving back to the community. “

Sounds like a good plan to me.  City and State governments across the country are struggling to meet their payrolls and the work keeps coming so why not use some unemployed citizens to work part time filing papers, making phone calls or whatever skill they fit into?

The logistics of policing and managing this new law are not trivial but I hope we pass it just to send a message to Eric Holder and Barrack Obama that you can’t keep pushing South Carolina around.  We will not grab our ankles but instead fight you even harder.

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1 Response to Take That Eric Holder

  1. Bob Mack says:

    No such thing as a free lunch—at least, in the real world. Something the Democrats would like everybody to forget.

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