Another Example of Team Obama Incompetence

Imagine this scenario – A citizen (call him John) from a foreign country (call it Stupidstan) helps out the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by pinpointing the whereabouts of one of our most hated enemies (call him Bin Lyin).  The US obtains valuable intelligence from John, plans a military mission into Stupidstan and kills Bin Lyin.  What happens to the informant after the mission?  If you guessed that the US would abandon John, allow John’s identity to fall into Stupidstan authorities’ hands and then sit on the sidelines as Stupidstan tortures and sentences John to 33 years in prison, then you need to get a job with the Obama administration.

In case you missed it, this hypothetical scenario actually happened.  The US used Intel from Dr. Shakil Afridi last year that enabled the US military to attack the compound of Osama Bin Laden and ultimately kill the terrorist.  Shortly after that successful mission, the lives of Dr. Afridi and his family turned into a nightmare that they have yet to awaken and that nightmare reached a new level a few days when Dr. Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in prison for Treason against Pakistan.

Unbelievable!  Let’s see how badly Team Obama screwed this up.

From the Daily Mail:

“Shortly after the raid which killed Bin Laden, Dr. Afridi was arrested for conspiring against the state of Pakistan, his house was sealed and all assets frozen.”

“A commission recommended a charge of conspiracy against Pakistan and high treason.
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed in January that Dr Afridi collected DNA in an effort to help locate Bin Laden but added he ‘was not in any way treasonous towards Pakistan. For them to take this kind of action against somebody who was helping to go after terrorism is a real mistake’.”

“Dr Afridi had no right to legal representation, to present evidence or cross-examine witnesses. He must also pay a £2,300 fine or serve a further three-and-a-half years in jail.”

“US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for his release.”

Wow, that’s what I call forceful action from Mrs. Clinton.  If that is all it takes, why didn’t you call for Pakistan to hand over Osama Bin Laden and we could’ve avoided this whole mess?  That’s right, they don’t care what we want and they laugh at your empty threats.

Oh, it now appears that Dr. Afridi was tortured prior to his prison sentence being handed down.  From Fox News:

“The Pakistani doctor sentenced last week to 33 years in prison for helping track Usama bin Laden suffered torture, isolation and starvation during his interrogation, his brother told Fox News — as he made an appeal from the family for the U.S. Embassy to help fight his legal case.”

“Jamil Afridi said security forces insiders told him his brother was tortured during the interrogation. Afridi was so emaciated when he arrived at prison after last week’s conviction that he has put on five pounds just from being fed properly, his brother said.”

“The interrogation apparently is over. The brother said that based on what he was told by security forces, Dr. Afridi’s conditions are “paradise” in comparison to what he experienced before.”

“But even after that ordeal, one Pakistani security official told Fox News that Afridi continues to be kept in isolation in a six-foot-by-four-foot cell.”

“According to the brother, the family is still being denied visits to him in jail. During the year prior to his sentencing, Afridi did not see sunlight while held by his interrogators, his brother said.”

“The official also said the jail is facing a potential riot among its 2,000 inmates because militants among them have gotten word that Afridi is being held there. The wardens have also received death threats from militants, the official said.”

It’s obvious that Osama Bin Laden had been living comfortably in Pakistan for quite some time and maybe he kept a residence there starting when the US attacked/invaded Afghanistan.  It’s also obvious that the Obama administration had more than just a little suspicion that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan with the government’s approval or the US would’ve alerted Pakistan to their plans prior to violating Pakistani air space with the night time raid on the Bin Laden compound.  So knowing all this, I have a few questions for Team Obama:

How did the Pakistani government learn of Dr. Afridi’s assistance with the DNA sampling program?

What steps did the US take to ensure Dr. Afridi’s safety?

Why didn’t we give asylum to Dr. Afridi and his family?

What steps are you now taking to ensure the release of Dr. Afridi from prison?

What steps are you now taking to ensure the safety of Dr. Afridi’s family?

This POTUS job is a lot harder than being a community organizer, right?

You’d think that the one success of Obama’s 3+ years in office would be handled with a little more care but instead this major “Win” has the potential to blow up and turn into a huge loss.  It is now evident that Obama cared more about spiking the football than recognizing (and protecting!) the guy who passed him the ball.  The incompetence of the Obama administration is an embarrassment to the whole country.  January 2013 can’t get here fast enough.

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