Venus Transit






On June 5th the planet Venus will pass directly between Earth and the Sun and we can see the planet’s silhouette on the Sun.  Check out the following site to see what this looked like in 2004 (the last time this happened) to get a preview of what we’ll see. 

Sky and Telescope has a great article on this historic event as well as advice on how to view it safely and what times this event will happen in your area. 

I can’t stress enough to read up on the links above and make sure you view this monumental event in a safe manner.  I have a 10” Newtonian Reflector and I won’t be able to use the projection method because I could damage the optics of my telescope unless I reduce the diameter of the scope with a shield or use a specially designed filter.  I’ll probably use my binoculars on a tripod to project this image unless I can find some #14 arc welding glass to view it directly. 

The next time Venus will perform this act will be in the year 2117 so this truly is a once in a lifetime event!  Don’t let it pass you by.

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