Leftist Economist Moves The Goalposts

Another Jobs report was issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Obamanomics recovery is still rolling along.  Which means the US economy is stuck in neutral waiting for Obamacare to come and push us over the cliff.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 175,000 in May, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.6 percent,”

Do I have to remind you that Obama’s economics team told us in 2009 that if we passed the 2009 Stimulus the Unemployment rate would be at 5.0% during Q2 of 2013?  If you aren’t familiar with the famous Bernstein/Romer chart, go here.

Right on schedule, my favorite Leftist economist comes out to shill for Obama and tell us things are going great.

If we compare Mr. Wolfers’ tweets from February and June then we’ll see how the goalposts have been shifted.

After the January BLS data was released:

After the May BLS data was released:

In February, adding 200k jobs was considered ‘healthy’ but now he’s reclassified the Obamanomics recovery from ‘healthy’ to ‘consistent’ and dropped his jobs growth threshold to 150k.  I wonder why he did that.

Of course this ‘recovery’ stinks and is not what we should expect after a deep recession.

Jim Pethokoukis brings a dose of reality to May’s jobs numbers – This ‘Recovery’ stinks:

Do not let Leftists get away with this shifting of goalposts.  The economy still stinks and we have but one political ideology to blame for it.

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