Minister of Justice Needs Your Help!

holderGuys and Gals, Eric Holder needs your help.

There is this guy down in Florida who was just found Not-Guilty by a jury of his peers but we still think he’s a no good rotten scoundrel so we need to find something to charge him with.  If you have any information about him that could lead to a civil suit being brought against him then we’d appreciate if you’d tell us.  There might even be a sweet Obamacare exemption in it for you!

We have a hotline setup and everything.  All you need to do is call or email with any information you can give.  Nothing is too trivial.  Oh yea, the email is

And if you could link him to an anti-Islamic YouTube video that would be a big plus!

Surely this crazy ass cracka has committed a hate crime at least once in his life.  Proof is not required at this time, we’ll work out those details later.

Informing on your fellow citizens that we don’t like – It’s the American way!

H/T @Jammiewearing original post here.

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4 Responses to Minister of Justice Needs Your Help!

  1. It is tragic and sickening. Does this mean that every not guilty verdict will warrant a riot? 😦

    • livinrightinpgh says:

      Yep! Just like ALL of those white folks who rioted after the O.J. verdict…….

  2. Great, googily-moogily…
    Didn’t we go through all this a few years back with “”???

  3. Bret Silva says:

    Maybe it’s up to us to remind them at every possible opportunity that this was available information right from the beginning, elections have consequences and that THEY voted for it.

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